Truesdell Dismissed From Bearcats

Freshman wide receiver released from the Bearcats football squad.

About one year ago Nick Truesdell was a senior wide receiver from Anderson High School not getting a lot of attention. Then as his team advanced in the playoffs, Truesdell was the toasts of the town coming up with "Big Plays" in helping Anderson win the Ohio Division Two State Championship.

Soon college coaches were after the talented wide receiver but questions remained about possible off field issues.

Brian Kelly and his staff took the gamble and on Monday the freshman wide receiver was dismissed from the team for violations of team rules.

In a statement Brian Kelly had the following to say about the departure of Truesdell.

"Playing Big East football for the University of Cincinnati is a privilege. We have expectations for our student-athletes and when those are not met, there are consequences."

Truesdell played in the Bearcats first six games this season on special teams.

Bearcat Insider Thoughts

It is never good to see a young man with talent waste the talent he's been given. Nick Truesdell has talent but questions surrounded him from the time the Bearcats started to show interest.

On signing day Nick seemed excited about his chances of being a major contributor for the Bearcats early in his career. We can only guess what issues have risen that made Brian Kelly release him from the team.

It is our hope that Nick will correct what he's done and finds a way to use his talents to earn a college education.

With his release the Bearcats will pick up another scholarship for the 2009 recruiting class.

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