Isaiah Pead - One-on-One Audio Interview

How much has the past year changed for frehsman Isaiah Pead? We spoke with the Bearcats running back about what it's been like and about going to a BCS Bowl game in this special audio interview.

About this time last year Isaiah Pead was a high school senior about to make a choice as to the college he'd attend to earn a degree and play football. As Bearcat fans know, Pead is considered a future star in Brian Kelly's offense. How much has Pead's life changed? We spoke with Isaiah after bowl practice to learn how things have gone.

Isaiah Pead heard the talk when he made his choice known that he would be attending The University of Cincinnati. Considered one of Ohio's top offensive threats, Pead was a major part of Brian Kelly's future plans.

Now, Pead has gone through his first season as a college player and with it knowing he's learning and bidding his time. While he's shown signs of what his future may hold don't think for a minute Isaiah is resting on a few carries.

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