Looking Back At The Top 10 Stories 2008 #10

The Bearcats took the field for their Inaugural Season in Lacrosse in 2008. Anytime you start a new sport at the college level it's big news. This was big enough to make #10 in our look back at the top stories of 2008.

So far University of Cincinnati athletic director Mike Thomas has issued the challenge to his coaches to field competitive teams on the field and in the classroom. In 2008 Lellie Swords and the Bearcats Lacrosse program took the field during their "Inaugural Season" on campus.

While Swords would only see two victories on the field the Lacrosse program showed well on the academic side and 2009 should see a young but improving team.

Anytime you start a new college sports program there are growing pains and this much was expected. But don't think Swords is happy with her team's performance and improvement should be evident when the team returns to play in mid February.

Bearcats Lacrosse makes our countdown of the Top Ten stories of 2008 at number 10.

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