Looking Back At The Top 10 Stories 2008 #9

Is Brian Kelly a prophet? He looks like one now as Story #9 is about the Bearcats head coach and the message he gave fans at a January basketball game. We have the video to prove it.

Last January the University of Cincinnati honored the Bearcats during a basketball game. Just like he's always done since arriving on campus, Brian Kelly didn't mix his words when it came time to talk about where the program was headed.

While some may have laughed at Kelly, he knew his team was on the verge of something great and wasn't afraid to tell those who would listen.

Story #9 is Brian Kelly calling his shot that the Bearcats would win the Big East Championship and play in a bowl game you could eat like Orange, Sugar or Gator.

No one is laughing now!

Brian Kelly at Halftime

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