Looking Back At The Top 10 Stories 2008 #8

While football stole the show another sport was also showing improvement under a new young coach. Women's Soccer is our #8 story for 2008.

One of the top stories of 2008 saw a marked improvement in the Cincinnati Women's Soccer program.

After going 6-10-2 overall the previous season the Bearcats improved to 11-7-1 and earned a spot in the Big East Tournament.

Once in the tournament the Bearcats knocked off St. Johns in the first round before falling to eventual Big East Champion Notre Dame in round two.

While a lot of the credit must go to the players in the program, another big change was head coach Michelle Salmon who came from Ball State the previous two seasons after taking the Cardinals program to new heights.

While a lot of attention is not given to the Women's Soccer program it looks as if Mike Thomas has hired another young up and coming coach capable of taking the program to the heights Thomas expects from all of his sports programs.

While the team still had a losing record in Big East play there was a one game improvement in the conferences toughest division (National) that holds Notre Dame, Georgetown, Rutgers, Louisville, Villanova, Seton Hall and DePaul.

Under Salmon's direction the Bearcats program looks headed in the right direction and on course to be another program looking to win a Big East title.

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