Saddler Talks About Official Visit

Future Bearcat excited about the future after his official visit with the Bearcats.

Food was a plenty and the atmosphere was great to take an official visit on the campus of the University of Cincinnati.  Will Saddler, who gave Brian Kelly his verbal commitment many months ago was joined by his parents on his official visit.


"I had a great time," Saddler said on Sunday afternoon after making the trip back home.  "My mom and dad were with me and also enjoyed the trip and chance to see more about Cincinnati and what my future will be."


For Saddler and the other future Bearcats the weekend will always be remembered for the amount of food they consumed.


"The food was great.  We ate at Boi Na Braza Brazilian Steak House on Friday night and then at Montgomery Inn on Saturday."


While enjoying food was one part of the trip, learning more about the guys who will be your future teammates also plays a major role in the trip.


"Danny Milligan was my host for the weekend.  Danny is great and really showed me around campus and gave me the information about what to expect in a few months when I report."


For Saddler the past has seen two injuries that have slowed him on the field the past couple of seasons.  After missing most of his senior season Saddler can't wait to get to college and start his college career.


"Here soon I'll get myself on campus and start working with Bob Mangine on making sure I'm ready for my first college season.  Everything went well with my surgery and rehab went well but I want to make sure I'm 100% ready when its time to get after it."


On Sunday it was time to come home but not before some last minute meetings.  One of those meetings was with head coach Brian Kelly. 


"Coach Kelly is great and I'm very excited about playing for him.  He's proven he's a winner and knows how to get the most out of his players.  Coach Kelly said he's excited about getting me on campus and seeing what I'm capable of doing to help the team continue the direction they've achieved the past couple of seasons."


In a few weeks Will Saddler will officially become a member of the Bearcats football program when he signs his letter of intent.  Any surprises coming from the Indiana native?


"I'm all ready and set to sign with Cincinnati.  There won't be any surprises on my end as I can't wait for signing day to come."


Bearcat Insider will check back with Will in the coming weeks as National Letter of Intent Day is just around the corner.

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