Stepp Has Enjoyed The Past Few Weeks

A trip to Hawaii soon followed by his official visit to Cincinnati has kept Jordan Stepp on the run. We caught up with Jordan to get the latest on his official visit and more.

For Jordan Stepp the past several months have flown by as he worked to impress college coaches and those who follow recruiting. While some might have doubted the abilities of Stepp who stands just over 6-foot, the Ben Davis High School (IN) prospect knew deep down he had the tools to be one of the top players at his position. After proving himself during the combine and camp season, Cincinnati offered with Stepp giving his commitment prior to his senior season and never looking back.

This weekend Stepp took his official visit to Cincinnati and while he learned early about the Bearcats he now knows he made no mistake in making them his college of choice.

"I'm so excited right now," Stepp said Sunday after returning from his visit. "I can't wait to get on campus and start working with the players and taking classes. I wish I could start this week. Soon they'll be wearing Big East Championship and Orange Bowl Rings on their fingers and I want to earn one of my own."

While Jordan will have to wait a few more months he knows this weekend was one he'll always remember.

"I had a great time hanging out with J.K. Schaffer (host) and Evan Davis. I can already tell I'll be hanging with them a lot when I get on campus."

Before making his Bearcats visit Stepp had the chance to spend some time in Hawaii for a high school all-star event. It was there he caught up with and became friends with Dillon Quinn.

Quinn, a 6-foot-7, 295-pound defensive tackle had given Boston College a verbal commitment prior to their coaching change. Now with his recruiting reopened Quinn is looking hard at the Bearcats.

"Dillon and I have become really good friends and we'd just tear it up if he comes to Cincinnati. I feel he enjoyed his visit and really liked what he saw but he'll have to make the choice that is best for him. I feel there is a good chance he could be a Bearcat but we'll have to wait and see."

As for his trip to Hawaii there was more than just excitement on the field.

"To get the chance to spend over a week out there was great. I feel I had a great game and will never forget my experience from going there. But the plane trip home was a little different. I was like the only guy to have a connector flight to San Francisco to Minnesota before coming back to Indian. The plane to Indianapolis had some problems and I thought it might crash. Something with the landing gear was not working right but I was surprised by how much I stayed calm about it."

One thing recruits can expect on their official visits with the Bearcats is to eat good, how did Jordan come away from the visit?

"We ate at Boi Na Braza Brazilian Steak House and then at the Montgomery Inn so I really enjoyed where they took us to eat."

With signing day just over two weeks away, Stepp knows things will soon change in his life. Growing up and leaving home will be a new experience and this weekend has helped him overcome any fears he's had.

"Going down on my visit I was nervous. I didn't know what to expect when I got there but now I know and feel great about my decision. Getting the chance to hang out and know more about the guys that will be my future teammates have put to rest any nervousness I may have had."

One thing is for sure is Stepp will be looked upon early to help plug up the middle of the Bearcats defense. He fully expects to get his chance to earn playing time in camp and knows what is fully expected of him once he gets to Cincinnati.

Bearcat Insider will check back with Jordan in a few weeks on National Signing Day once everything is official.

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