Dillon Quinn Talks Bearcats Visit

How would Dillon Quinn grade his official visit to The University of Cincinnati this weekend? We have the latest on Quinn's visit and his thoughts about the Bearcats.

Having given Boston College his verbal commitment Dillon Quinn didn't think he'd be taking an official visit to Cincinnati this weekend. But a coaching change at the ACC program opened up the door and Quinn looked for a back-up plan.

"When the coaching change happened at Boston College, I called some of the guys I played with in Hawaii and Jordan Stepp was a guy I became real good friends with," Quinn said from LaGuardia Airport after having just landed from his visit. "Guys like Jordan made a few phone calls and helped me get in contact with some coaches like those at Cincinnati."

At 6-foot-7, 295-pounds Quinn knows the Bearcats needs along the defensive line.

"The staff was upfront about the fact they are losing four guys along the defensive front and that I could come in early and play for them. It is something I'm looking at but not everything I'm looking at in a school."

While the Bearcats staff has worked hard on Quinn it has been the efforts of Jordan Stepp that have really opened the door.

"I'd say Jordan is their number one recruiter for me. We really got to know each other in Hawaii and being able to spend time with him this weekend was just a bonus. His host was J.K. Schaffer and mine was Evan Davis. They are both friends and really cool guys so we had a great time on our visit."

One person that may have really helped the Bearcats efforts was strength coach Paul Longo. The veteran coach took the time to attend dinner with Quinn and the pair hit it off.

"I really like Coach Longo and the things he does. He went to dinner with us and I guess he doesn't always do that when kids come in on their official visits. We really hit it off and I know he can help me become a better player."

With no other official visits planned at this time, Quinn knows it's now time to make another choice as to where he'll go to school. What things will come into play?

"The facilities at Cincinnati are great. I visited UVA (Virginia) and they are to have the best weight room in the ACC. Virginia's didn't even come close to what Cincinnati has."

It looks as if Boston College and Cincinnati are the final players for Dillon Quinn and the defensive tackle will now sit down and talk with his parents.

"One factor in my decision could be the distance from home. I've spent the past three years away from home at a prep school and being close to home would be nice. But Cincinnati has a lot going for it and I'm really interested in them."

When asked to give his visit a grade based on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being great, Quinn wasted little time giving his answer.

"Cincinnati was an eleven for me. I really liked everything I saw and they've got great facilities and are the Big East Champions. We also ate a lot of great food and had a lot of fun."

After talking with his parents Quinn knows it will again be time to make a call and chose a college.

"I'm going to sit down and talk with my parents about everything and then I'll have to call Coach Coombs and the coaches at Boston College and let them know what I'm doing. I'm not sure when I'll make the call at this time but I'll talk with the family today when I get home."

Until that time Bearcat fans are hoping Quinn will be the next piece to one of the greatest recruiting classes built at Cincinnati.

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