Winton Woods Bearcats Q&A

Wednesday was a banner day for UC FB signing a total of 25 players including 8 players from Cincinnati and three of those from Winton Woods. The former Winton Woods Warriors are Maalik Bomar, Tristin Marvin and Chris Williams.

Maalik Bomar played Wide Receiver and Outside Linebacker for Winton Woods and is projected to play OLB for the Bearcats. Tristin Marvin played OLB for Winton Woods and is projected as an OLB or DE. Chris Williams played Safety, Corner Back and some LB for the Warriors and is projected as a Corner Back for the Bearcats.

Bearcat Insider sat down with the players and asked a few questions after the letters of intent were signed.

Why did you end up choosing Cincinnati?

Maalik Bomar: UC is an up and coming program and I wanted to be a part of building this program instead of choosing a college that had a lot of history. Now is a good time to be a Bearcat.

Tristin Marvin: Nippert is a really fun atmosphere; after the Homecoming game versus Rutgers I knew I wanted to be a Bearcat.

Chris Williams: UC is close to friends and family and I wasn't really looking to go to far away from home. At UC I can continue to play in front of my friends and family as well as my teammates here that have signed.

What other schools that offered did you consider?

Maalik Bomar: Nebraska was my first offer and I also considered WVU, Akron, Marshall and Toledo.

Tristin Marvin: I committed fairly early into the season and the only other school I considered was Toledo.

Chris Williams: WVU, Indiana, Minnesota, Akron and Kent State.

As a player what would you consider to be your strengths?

Maalik Bomar: Leadership on and off the field. I have been a team captain for Winton Woods for both my junior and senior seasons. I also have physical ability like speed and quickness.

Tristin Marvin: My speed (4.53)

Chris Williams: I close on plays quickly. I am always around the ball. I consider myself to be instinctive and just love to play the game.

As a player what do you consider your weaknesses that you need to work on?

Maalik Bomar: I need to work on my strength especially upper body strength so I can take on the bigger offensive linemen I'll face in college. He is very aware of Coach Longo and Cincinnati's strength and conditioning program.

Tristin Marvin: I need to work on my tackling technique. I play with a lot of speed and fly to the ball but sometimes fail to break down.

Chris Williams: Wants to be knowledgeable in UUCP's Defensive schemes. He realizes that at the college level everyone has talent and athletic ability and that top echelon players understanding of the game sets them apart from other players. He also wants to work on getting faster.

Do you have any personal goals going into your freshman year at Cincinnati?

Maalik Bomar: Accomplish something Cincinnati has not done before, win a National Championship, start by getting back to the Orange Bowl or another BCS Bowl.

Tristin Marvin: Not really, just wants to work on becoming a better player.

Chris Williams: He wants to contribute his freshman year and see the playing field. He has never not started and it will be tough to watch from the sidelines.

Have you decided on a major at Cincinnati?

Maalik Bomar: I am very interested in the mechanical engineering and architecture programs but I am gong to go in undecided at least that first year and decide later on my major.

Tristin Marvin: Of the programs I have looked at Sociology interests me.

Chris Williams: Right now I am undecided I am looking at either communications or business programs.

These three gentlemen appear poised to be successful Bearcats on the field and in the classroom.

Here are more photos from the days events.

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