It Was Time To Act

For Kevin Schloemer the time to end the recruiting process came early. In fact, Saturday afternoon saw him and a teammate pull the trigger together.

"I thought it was time and I knew Cincinnati was the school for me," said Kevin Schloemer of West Chester (Ohio) Lakota West High School. "Alex Smith and I had talked about committing together and both felt it was time to get it over and get started working on other players for the class."

With the pairs commitment, Brian Kelly now has four players all from within the Southwest part of Ohio onboard. Schloemer is not surprised.

"I'm a lot like Alex in that I want to stay close to home. I grew up watching Cincinnati Bearcats football and went to games with my day. We use to go down on the field after games and toss the football and talk about it being me on the Nippert Stadium field some day. Now, that dream is coming true."

Much like Alex had explained during his interview about the pairs commitment. Kevin also wanted to make sure Brian Kelly knew they were serious about being Bearcats.

"We planned it out and both wanted to commit together. We didn't know it would work out as well as it did. But right after Coach Kelly got his Coach of the Year award he saw that we had removed out jackets and both had on UC shirts. The student section loved it and was cheering and bowing at us and we could tell Coach Kelly was very excited as well."

Having seen the Bearcats program growing up with his father made the day even more special.

"Both of my parents are very excited about my choice and support me all the way. I know staying here in Cincinnati will allow my family and friends the chance to see me play. We've watched what Coach Kelly has done at Cincinnati and love everything he's doing with the program as it continues to explode. I wanted to be a part of what is happing at UC under Coach Kelly."

Also happy was Lakota West Head Coach Larry Cox.

"Alex and I had told him what we were doing. He was very happy for us and said that he got a lot of phone calls today from other schools wondering if what they were hearing about us committing was true."

While Alex Smith talked about working on Dominique Brown becoming a Bearcat, Kevin also has a target on his radar.

"I'm working on getting Jibreel Black from Wyoming High School to join us. Jibreel is a great guy and he's rolling in all of these offers also and I hope he comes to UC with us and helps Cincinnati become an elite program."

Another prospect both Kevin and Alex have their sights on is another of their teammates. Jordan Hicks is considered one of the top prospects in the country and while his offer sheet continues to grow with national teams, the pair hopes they can have an influence before its all said and done.

"I'm not going to put words into Jordan's mouth. But Alex and I are going to be talking with him and trying our hardest to get him to join us. I feel if we have a true "Heart-to-Heart" with Jordan, he'll understand why we want him with us at UC."

Before ending our interview we also asked Kevin to give a message to Bearcat fans.

"I'd tell them I'll do everything in my power to work my hardest to win championships. I'll be a leader and do as much as I can for Cincinnati."

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