Chenault Talks Bearcats & Future

Bearcat Insider talks with the fifth member of the Class of 2010, safety Arryn Chenault of Fairfield High School.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Fairfield (Ohio) High School safety prospect Arryn Chenault made the call and ended his short recruiting process.

"I felt Cincinnati was the perfect fit for me as a player and student," Chenault said after a crazy day on Monday. "UC is just down the road from where I'm from and my family will still be able to se me play and I'll be able to give back to my community."

While Chenault only held offers from Indiana and Cincinnati, the 6-foot-1, 194-pound future free safety had many showing interest.

"There were many programs that have sent letters and invites to junior days. I visited Indiana and they have a really nice program, but I wanted to stay home."

One program that had caught Chenault's eye was Michigan State.

"I grew up wanting to be a receiver, and I'd watch Michigan State with the great receivers they had up there and really liked what I saw. But coaches put me over on defense and that dream kind of went away."

While many consider the Fairfield product to be one of Ohio's best, he knows there are still areas of his game that need work.

"My strength is I love to hit people and make tackles. But I know that I've got to work on being able to cover not just in certain packages, but on every play."

Following in the footsteps of others in this class, Arryn Chenault feels there is still business to be taken care of at UC.

"There is unfinished business. I think UC is now a respected program in the Big East, but I and the others in the class I've spoken with want the program to be respected on a national basis like Ohio State or a Michigan."

Looking back Chenault knows some feel he's gone too fast.

"A lot of people told me to slow down and not commit, but I knew where I wanted to be when the recruiting process first started and feel this is the time to take care of business."

One of the reasons for his commitment was the relationship he's built with two other members of the class.

"I talk with Alex (Smith) all the time and got to know Kevin (Schloemer) some when they made their commitment a few weeks ago at the Junior Day. Our plan is to work on the others in the Southwest part of the state and I feel they'll be a few more commitments coming soon. We want to go in as a great class and finish as a great class."

Being so close many would feel Arryn would have visited for many games. But that just wasn't the case.

"I only got to attend the Pitt game and the game when they were given the Big East Championship against Syracuse at the end of the season.

How much of a factor did local coach Kerry Coombs play in the recruiting process?

"Coach Coombs is a great coach and he influenced me a little bit during the process as I know he's going to turn me into a great player. But I wanted to be at Cincinnati and be part of teams that bring championships to my hometown."

And what about his dealings with head coach Brian Kelly?

"Coach Kelly is a great guy but I've only had a chance to meet with him once (when he offered) so I don't know him all that well. But I'm looking forward to him being my head coach when I arrive on campus."

When all is said and done Arryn Chenault may not have held the number of offers some would consider to make a player a major recruiting get, but his play on the field will prove he'll be one of the best in the class when all is said and done.

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