Insider Look On Film: Solomon Tentman

With the change of the Bearcats defense to the 3-4, the newest member of the Class of 2010 has the tools needed for great success.

Big, strong, physical… those are the tools Solomon Tentman brings to the field when he lines up at linebacker. At 6-foot-2, 215-pounds, Tentman is a major force capable of taking on tight ends, running backs and even offensive lineman when they enter his territory.

In the Bearcats new defensive scheme Solomon will be capable of playing outside linebacker while also coming up to the line as a defensive end type of player.

Athletic enough to also play running back, Tentman is a major athlete capable of doing great things if he can stay healthy.

On film Tentman shows great burst and explosion from the hips. His physical strength allows him to attack the line of scrimmage and shed blockers as he goes down the line and makes plays.

One thing to remember about Tentman is the level of competition he's played against in high school. He's battle tested and should have the ability to come in and compete for at least special teams play early.

This is a great commitment for Brian Kelly as I've seen Solomon on film and in person and know if he would have continued his recruitment there would have been a major battle to keep him home.

Click here to view highlights of Solomon in action.

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