Barwin Pushing For First Round Status

With head coaches and several position coaches on the University of Cincinnati campus, Connor Barwin didn't disappoint and showed why he's the hottest name in this year NFL Draft.

Just a few weeks ago former University of Cincinnati's Connor Barwin posted some times that blew away coaches from the NFL. On Thursday the former tight end/defensive end added to his draft lore by running the forty and giving NFL scouts and coaches everything they wanted and then some.

At the combine Barwin ran a 4.66 forty and many coaches and scouts felt he'd pass on running at the Bearcats Pro-Day. Barwin, who's been open and upfront about his abilities, shocked many when he announced he was running. In the end Barwin bettered his combine time hitting a 4.48 and a 4.52 on his second attempt.

Connor Running The 40

While many felt Barwin had a chance to enter the first round of the draft, his forty had scouts and coaches whispering he'd just pushed him into the first round without any questions.

While Barwin didn't participate in the other time drills his day was full as coaches worked him out as a linebacker, tight end and defensive end before the day was over.

How important was Barwin to the Pro-Day experience? Very, as head coaches Rex Ryan of the New York Jets and Marvin Lewis of the Cincinnati Bengals were on hand along with several of their scouts and a couple of coaches.

Marvin Lewis

Rex Ryan

Not only were head coaches on hand but also position coaches as Mike Tice (Jacksonville) and Mike Pope ( New York Giants) both worked out Barwin during the days events.

Mike Tice

Having seen several teams invite him in for visits, Barwin is excited but keeping a level head about the whole process.

Bearcat Insider will have more on Connor Barwin and the other members of the Bearcats from their Pro-Day experience coming.

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