Cobb Looking To Fill Big Shoes

With spring practice players look to earn their place. C.J. Cobb had done that a year ago and then prior to camp getting too deep the Jacksonville, Florida native went down with an injury. BI spoke with Cobb about spring practice starting and more.

First day on the field, bet you're excited about getting things started this spring?

"Oh yea! Defiantly, I'm ready, ready to go."

How hard was watching last year unfold?

"You can't even imagine what it was like for me. I was happy for my teammates and their success and the teams success, but I almost didn't feel like I was apart of it until I came back to practice late in the season."

You came to Cincinnati from Florida and had the chance to go back there for the holidays and be part of a BCS game in Florida. Looking back whey you made the choice to come here did you feel that was possible?

"Anything is possible. You know Kevin Garnett said it; I say it all the time. Anything is possible for us as a team if we continue to work hard."

So what is the hardest part of getting back into the swing of being on the field?

"For me I just need to get back into better shape as I've had a whole season off. So I just need to get back into knee bending, running, just the whole fundamental aspect of it. I know it will take a few days but things will get back to normal very soon."

Did you learn from what happened to you?

"You know I learned how to better myself by watching my teammates and how they work. I also learned to be a student of the game by going into meeting rooms and watching a lot of film to keep my mind working on the game and not get left behind."

You and your teammates lost several guys getting ready to be part of the NFL. Have any of the players still here our have you thought about getting your chance in the future?

"It's always good to see those guys have success because it makes it better for everyone in this program. You know you've seen them do it and how they did it and that means it's possible for you to do it as well. But that is down the road and there is a lot of work here that needs to be done."

Getting back on the field means you've got the attention of Coach (Jeff) Quinn. What's it like to play for Coach Quinn?

"Coach Quinn brings energy, just pure energy and a sense of pride. We have a lot of pride along the offensive line. We have a saying, "The team goes as we go." We're the big guys that lead up front. If we come out fast the team is going to be fast. If we come out slow the team is going to be slow. Coach Quinn reminds us of this everyday."

You're getting reps at the right guard position in practice. There are some big shoes to fill with Trevor Canfield leaving.

"You're right, I do have some big shoes to fill with Trevor (Canfield) leaving. But I feel I can do it and get the job done."

C.J. Cobb was ready for a breakout year last season before going down with an injury. With that behind him he's looking to show what he's capable of doing by taking his place along the offensive line and becoming an anchor for the Bearcats this upcoming season.

Bearcat Insider will be watching as Cobb and the offensive line work to form into a group ready to defend the Big East title.

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