Webster Looking To Have Fun

For safety Aaron Webster this spring marks his final one as a member of the University of Cincinnati football program. We spoke with Webster about the changes and the future after a recent practice.

From the time Aaron Webster walked onto the campus of the University of Cincinnati great things have been expected. With the type of body NFL teams look for the Michigan native saw early playing time with a bright future.

During the course of his career Webster has also seen an injury slow him before last season saw him find his grove and be a major part of the team success.

Does Webster find it hard to believe his career is headed for its final season?

"Yea it's been a long time coming. It's kind of crazy looking back over the past four years and all the players that have come through here and how things have changed.

One of those changes is the loss of Mike Mickens and DeAngelo Smith from the Bearcats defensive backfield. How different was taking the field without the two future NFL players?

"It was real different as Mick and DeAngelo talked so much on the field, so that was one thing I missed out here early as it was kind of silent out here. But it was kind of hard not to see them out here while at the same time you know you have to move on and hope to be better than when they were here."

Another change came from the Bearcats coaching staff as Joe Tresey was let go and Bob Diaco became the new defensive coordinator.

"Yea he's a cool dude. Every coach has a different way of doing things and Coach Diaco is different from Coach Tresey. But he's very intense and really pushes for us to be aggressive and go after the ball. In a lot of ways he's like Coach Coombs as they are both very intense on the field."

Last season Webster was coming back from an injured knee. How hard was it to get back into the groove?

"It was real hard at first but it showed me if you work hard and stay patient good things will come."

Looking back before he arrived on campus Aaron Webster was like a lot of players when they selected to attend the University of Cincinnati. While he had the full support of his family, some friends and those on the outside would ask him why he wanted to head to UC.

"When I committed to this program I felt this program could do anything any other program in the country could do. And now we've done what no other Cincinnati program has done in the history of the school by winning the Big East and playing in a BCS game. For me coming here had a lot to do with my parents and my close friends and not what other people thought I should do."

Closing out his last spring Aaron Webster finds himself with a very simple goal and not looking to far ahead.

"My goal is to continue to have fun on the field and find the guys to surround me to give us the best defense. Right now I'm not really concentrating on life after here. Every player dreams of the NFL but right now I'm all about what our goals are here."

As the lone returning starter on the defense Aaron Webster is being looked at to become a leader. Bearcat fans know what he's capable of doing on the field and will expect Webster to have the best season of his career this coming fall.

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