Drew Frey- "Good to go"

One of the few returning members of the UC defense this spring is safety Drew Frey, who broke his arm last season against Akron and was forced to miss the final ten games of the season. Spring practice has provided the first chance for Frey and his healed arm to see action on the field since the injury.

"It feels great," Frey says of getting back out onto the field after such a long hiatus. "It took a lot of hard work to get back to where I was before I got hurt, but I feel like I can play fast now and not have to think as much as I used to. The forearm is 100 percent, good to go."

For Frey, using the spring season as a chance to come back from an injury is nothing new. After a dislocated shoulder forced him to redshirt his first season on campus, last year's spring practices were Frey's first coming off of injury.

"All injuries are the same," Frey says. "There's a stage where you have to go through a lot of rehab and it sucks because you can't play at the level you want to. But all that said you've just got to stay positive which is what I did and look at the future rather than the present and just go with it."

Looking ahead to his future, Frey should expect to be an important part of Cincinnati's rebuilding defense, not that he's too worried about the rebuilding process.

"We lost a core group of defensive backs last year, but I wouldn't say that that's a loss for our future," Frey says. "We just have to rebuild, restock, learn a little bit of new stuff, and just go at it and play fast."

As many UC fans may know, learning under assistant coaches Kerry Coombs and Mike Elston can be an exciting experience to say the least. Add new defensive coordinator Bob Diaco into the mix and you've got one of the most exciting defensive coaching staffs in college football.

"It's definitely exciting," Frey says. "They keep you intense, which you have to play at that level, at all times. It's a great learning experience because everything's positive. Yeah you're going to get yelled at, but it's always going to be in a constructive, positive manner."

Frey plans on trying to improving his technique, foot work, and staying low out of his breaks this spring, saying, "I always play fast, but there's definitely fundamental stuff I need to work on to get my level of play up."

We'll continue to watch Frey work and develop over the course of the spring.

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