Kelce Not Resting On Last Year Part 2

For Jason Kelce this spring has been one of continued work. But as a veteran the spring is a means to an end and a time to work on the finer points of one's game. This is Part Two of Two.

Another young player Jason likes watching is Sean Hooey. The Michigan native grayshirted and is just getting his first taste of college football.

"Sean Hooey is fun to watch. While he's young and inexperienced every once in a while you get a glimpse and know this guy has a chance to be good. He's got the athletic ability and the footwork. It may not be every play right now but he's got the coordination and all the intangibles you look for in an offensive lineman. He's 6-foot-9, got long arms and he's going to have the weight and strength along with the technique if he continues to work at it."

It's no secret that strength coach Paul Longo has made a major impact on the Bearcats football program. But Jason Kelce may be one of the biggest winners in the hiring of the longtime strength guru.

"Coach Longo has done a great job with the offensive line. He's completely transformed me from a 230-pound linebacker to a 295-pound offensive lineman along with helping Chris Jurek get his strength up tremendously. He's also done so much for C.J. with his weight as he's looking so much better than when he first got here on campus."

But with Saturday's game Kelce said it's about time to get working on defending the Big East title.

I'm looking forward to it. Nothing against SEMO, but I'd much rather get started against someone that we've got to beat if we're going to win a championship. That gets me so much more excited about the season.

Another change for Kelce has been the arrival of his younger brother Travis. How has it been having his kid brother on campus?

"The hardest part of having a kid brother around is when he goes into surgery and I've got to walk him around with his crutches. The other thing is he's still young and still learning what it takes to be successful at this level. He's the opposite of me as he's got so many gods given talents with his height and how athletic he is. So he's had everything kind of given to him. But he needs to get that work ethic you've got to have at the college level and he's getting so much better in that area."

For Jason Kelce the road to a starting position in college has been a journey. With two more years left in that journey, Kelce knows there are many things still ahead of him in his college career. Not looking to rest on any past success, Kelce and his teammates finished off spring practice in Bearcat Bowl III with Rutgers in their sights.

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