Bearcats Real Work Starts Monday

Spring practice is over for the Bearcats as Bearcat Bowl III is in the books. Now the real work begins for the Bearcats coaching staff as well as many staffs across the country.

So spring is here and spring games are in the books. What is a football coach in college to do? Recruit!!!! The Bearcats staff should be hitting the road running on Monday morning and for good reason.

So where will the Bearcats be hitting first? Their own backyard is where Bearcat Insider feels will be the starting grounds for what will happen with the rest of the Class of 2010.

At this time there are seven verbal commitments posted for the Bearcats. All seven are from Southwest Ohio showing how much the continue growth of the program has helped the Bearcats build relationships with local players. But some feel there is a possible chink in the armor as the Alex Smith talk continues no matter what the Lakota West tight end has told many.

Look for Bearcat coaches to hit local schools early this week ensuring the verbal commitments they already have and at the same time working on closing any possible offers on the table now.

Players like Spencer Ware, Jordan Hicks, Matt James, Miles Simpson, Austin Collinsworth, Dominique Brown, Alex Welch, Jibreel Black, Marcus Rush and Andrew Hendrix will be placed under the gun to jump onboard with the Bearcats class.

One such jump came this weekend as Bearcat Insider learned Cincinnati St. Xavier quarterback Luke Massa added a Bearcats offer to go with his offer from Wisconsin. Now the choice is up to who wants to be a Bearcat the most. Massa or Moeller quarterback Andrew Hendrix. One of the players will have to take the offer by giving Brian Kelly their verbal commitment. Does this place pressure on the recruit? Yes, but with the pace Brian Kelly likes to recruit he's only being honest with each player by telling them who ever grabs first gets it.

The spring is a time of evaluation for college coaches and with many prospects taking part in track or doing off season workouts college coaches get a chance to watch players do non-football activities and evaluate players on the big board that have not been offered.

Saturday night saw several prospects visit for the spring game giving coaches a chance to see who has interest in the program. Recruiting is ready to heat up and new offers will start to become known. One new offer that came out of the weekend went to Josh Russ of Elyria Catholic High School. The 6-foot-5, 200-pound wide receiver/defensive end is now on the Bearcats radar as a player they want to close.

The next couple of weeks will see recruiting efforts pick up and even a few commitments could come the Bearcats way.

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