One More Stop Before UC

The time has come for what will be Chris Williams biggest journey in football as he goes from high school star to another guy working to find his place in the college game. But before Williams packs his bags for Cincinnati he'll take a side trip to get one more game under his belt.

Chris Williams sat in the stands Thursday night at Kings High School watching as several of his former teammates took part in the East-West All-Star game put on by the high school coaches on the Cincinnati area. While Williams wasn't on the field his mind was there with several of his former mates.

"I had a few guys playing tonight from Winton Woods. I think we might have had the most out of any school but I'm not sure."

While Williams watched he knew it was only a matter of days before he'd prepare for his last game as a prep player by being a member of Ohio's Big 33 Game.

"I leave on Friday the 12th of June for the Big 33. Our game is on the 20th and I think it's on the NFL Network. I'm looking forward to playing in one more game before going to college."

For Williams college is the University of Cincinnati and reporting date is set for June 22nd after he returns from Hershey, Pennsylvania.

"I report right after I get back from the game to start classes and then before we know we'll be reporting for camp and the start of the season."

The 5-foot-10, 180-pound defensive back has some feeling for what is ahead of him.

"I think I'll be playing corner along with some nickel. I can also play safety but they have some big safeties so I think I'll be at corner."

Reflecting on his college choice and those of other area players making the decision staying in their hometown, Williams said the choice to be a Bearcat was a selfish one for him.

"I chose Cincinnati for my own benefit because of the opportunity at the position I play. The choice was a good one as my family and friends will be able to see me play but Coach Coombs has placed at least one defensive back in the NFL each of the first two seasons he's coaches there."

As for being a hometown hero Williams feels the Bearcats are a hot program and will continue to stay hot.

"When good things are happening at a particular school good player's want to play there. It doesn't matter if it's Ohio State or Cincinnati. When a team is winning and good players are going to that school other good players also want to go there. But it's exciting to see other local players making the choice to stay in Cincinnati."

One of the newest Bearcats commitments is a player Chris knows a lot about in quarterback Dominique Brown.

"I think UC is looking for a quarterback that is versatile. Dominique is big and athletic and who knows if he'll be a quarterback in college or not. But he's a great player and will do great things at UC."

Always full of energy Chris Williams is ready to get his Bearcats career started. But you'll have to excuse him until he brings back a win over Pennsylvania in the Big 33 game in a couple of weeks.

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