Orange Bowl Brings Hidden Gem To UC

A Cincinnati football letter sent to a friend and watching the Bearcats on television during the Orange Bowl made this prospect want to camp at Cincinnati. Learn more about this hidden gem that has the Bearcats in his sights.

Hidden Gem, a phrase often used when talking about football prospects that have gone under the radar for any number of reasons. For Cisco Carter the term is more truth as the 6-foot-4, 215-pound product of Knoxville, Tennessee missed his junior season after transferring schools.

Carter, who had attended Webb High School in Knoxville as a freshman and sophomore transferred to Bearden High School before his junior year. Under Tennessee High School rules he was forced to sit out his junior season making him a sure hidden gem.

As a sophomore Carter was a back-up wide receiver and kicker. Without any junior film Carter is one of the biggest hidden gems hitting the camp circut right now.

So how did Carter learn about the Bearcats?

"A friend of mine got a letter from Cincinnati last year," Carter said by phone after returning home from camp. "I really didn't know much about Cincinnati until I watched them on television during the Orange Bowl and thought it would be neat to go there and camp and learn about the college."

For Carter the chance to trade athletic skill for an education is a top priority.

"Education is very important to me and with or without football I'm looking to get a quality education."

Having already scored a 23 on the ACT has Carter ahead of the game but he's not satisfied.

"I'm going to retake the test again so I can do better. I've got about a 3.0 in school and want to have a better test score to help me get accepted into school."

A former soccer player Carter is also a kicker but was hoping to show off his skills at two other positions during camp.

"Camp was great and I really liked all the great new facilities they have. Coach Coombs is a very intense and energetic coach. The coaches wanted me to workout with the defensive backs and the linebackers as they feel I can play outside linebacker in their 3-4 defensive schemes. Because of the weather I never got a chance to get with the linebackers."

Having only camp at Tennessee so far this summer Carter has a planned trip to LSU in July but would look really hard at Cincinnati if they offered.

"I'd have to talk with my family and make sure they have what I want to study but I would probably accept the offer."

While the Bearcats still have three more days of senior camps ahead of them don't be surprised if Cisco Carter is a name you hear again.

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