BCI Confidence Rating: Wide Receiver

As the Bearcats get ready to head into preseason camp Bearcat Insider gets ready for its fifth year of watching the team get ready for another exciting season of Big East football. So how much confidence do we have in the wide receivers?

Pressing Question: How much will the Bearcats offense miss Dominick Goodman? Say what you want, but when the game was on the line Goodman was money and one of the best big game receivers in Cincinnati Bearcats history. Someone will have to step up and make the big clutch catch when it's needed most. Who will it be?

Breakdown: We talked about the depth at the running back position but the wide receivers depth is sick. Just a few years ago some questioned if Brian Kelly could even run his offense because of the lack of depth and talent.

That is in the past as Kelly has one of the best wide receiver coaches in Charlie Molnar who players love to play for. There is no question teams will have their eyes on Mardy Gilyard after the season he had last year setting a school-record with 1,276 yards on 81 catches.

But Gilyard is not alone as it's time for D.J. Woods to step forward. Woods is primed to have a breakout year with the move of Marcus Barnett to defense. Armon Binns has shown signs of breaking out and the junior better do it this year or be left in the dust. The player to watch this fall is former Bearcat Jamar Howard who signed with the Bearcats and was ready to play as a true freshman before the NCAA stepped in. Howard has spent his two years in Junior College and is now a fulltime football player. Keep in mind Howard was a hoop guy until his senior year of high school but he's got major talent

. The Big If: Can Mardy Gilyard repeat his big season of one year ago? Gilyard is a success story just for being on the team let alone making major plays. He worked hard on the academic side of things just to get back into school and last season was a joy to watch. But the past few months Gilyard has been a star and sometimes bad things can happen if you don't keep things into perspective. While everyone wants to see Gilyard match his season of a year ago it won't be as easy. Mardy has major talent but when you are known it takes more work and effort to have the same kind of success.

Our Call: Brian Kelly's offense is set for at least two receivers to have big seasons. The easy call is Mardy Gilyard but the second one is still up in the air. If Woods is 100% healthy he's got star material all over him. There is major depth and players wanting their chance behind those who'll get the starting roles. Tony Pike may have one of the best wide receiver corps in college football and the offense to use all of them. School records better look out.

Confidence Rating: No were not going overboard on how well the offense has a chance to be this year. We're giving the wide receivers a confidence rating of 10 and for good reasons. There will be more speed on the field across the board and if Tony Pike stays healthy all season the Bearcats will light up the scoreboard.

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