Waugh Talks About Final Go-Around

Much like his best friend Andre Revels, the relationship between Marcus Waugh and Bearcat Insider goes back before he ever enrolled at the University of Cincinnati. Waugh, who was a member of the North-South Ohio High School Coaches game, first came to our attention on film. But his performance in the North-South Classic showed what could be expected out of him.

In June of 2005 Marcus Waugh was freshly out of Toledo (Ohio) St. Johns Jesuit High School looking forward to his career at the University of Cincinnati. As one of Ohio's top prep players, the current Bearcats linebacker was selected to play in the North-South Classis. It was here that Waugh showed the versatility he'd need to survive during his Bearcats career.

Seven Bearcats played in this game and Derrick Stewart earned MVP honors. But Waugh showed that Mark Dantonio and his staff had signed a special player and person.

After the game our report card for Marcus read as follows.

"Marcus was a player I've only seen on film. While I liked what I saw on tape, I knew there had to be more about this kid then what the tape was showing. I was right! Marcus can play on either side of the ball. I look for him to be a back-up at fullback but could also be given looks at linebacker. He's tough and should be a great special team's demon during his UC career; he's also a great kid! Grade A"

Looking back I guess my assessment wasn't too far off. Marcus has kept his team first mentality during his career and hopefully it will payoff this season.

Having played fullback, defensive line, offensive line and now back to linebacker, Marcus Waugh has never said no to a coach when he's been asked to move. While he may not leave as one of the top Bearcats in any stat he should always be remembered for being a team first guy willing to give up personal stats for the better of those around him.

We spoke with the fifth year senior about this season and his great friendship with fellow linebacker Andre Revels.

BI: Marcus, the last time you'll be on the Nipp in August. What are you thinking?

It's an exciting time knowing it's my last year and I'm excited about us trying to do it again by winning another Big East Championship.

BI: You're getting ready to head out to Camp Higher Ground for your last time. Talk about your experience there over the years? No one really looks forward to going to Higher Ground. But you know when you get out there it means your that much closer to the first game and the season starting. BI: A lot of people are talking right now that you've been placed to finish third by the media in the Big East. And while I know you guys don't really look much at the media the big question seems to be the defense. As part of the new defense what do you guys bring to the table? As for last years team it was a great team. But this is our year now. We don't try and look at the past because if you look at the past you see we won the Big East Championship but we loss the Orange Bowl. So this team we have now we're really coming together as one right now but still learning the defense, it's such an awesome experience playing for Coach Diaco and the energy he brings to the field. It's going to show when we take the field.

BI: One thing I've noticed the first few days is that you and Andre Revels have been here together the whole time. You guys know this is your time. What's it been like having Andre as a teammate? Yea, me and Revels are great friends and we compliment each other in what we can do on the field. I see myself as a run stopper and I see Andre as a guy who can do it all. Us together being friends since our freshman year and make it all the way through as fifth year seniors knowing it's our time is really exciting for both of us.

BI: Have you set any goals for this year? The goal is to win a Big East Championship and play and win a BCS game.

No matter how this season finishes for Marcus Waugh, the fact he's faced diversity during his career and is still standing shows the leadership abilities he'll take with him the rest of his life.

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