Greg Forest Talks Bearcats Quarterbacks

For Greg Forest and head coach Brian Kelly this years preseason camp is so much different than last years. The Ben Mauk saga is way behind them and Dustin Grutza has used up his eligibility. Now it's Tony Pike's team but don't think the Bearcats staff is resting on just one quarterback. Coach Forest talks about each of the quarterbacks in camp this year.

For the University of Cincinnati having questions at the quarterback position is nothing new. But this season Tony Pike is the starter and others are chasing him to earn playing time on the field this fall.

We spoke with quarterback coach Greg Forest about the quarterbacks in camp this season.

BI: Coach this is kind of a different camp for you with Tony Pike being the main guy and no talk of who the number one quarterback is going to be. How does it feel?

"Having Tony back is a big relief for us as we don't have to worry about who is the number one guy. But the good thing is we've got two guys right behind him that have a lot of experience as Chazz started two games and played in a third, and Zach got to play in two games so we've at least got some guys with Big East experience and that makes it easier on us."

BI: How important is this camp for Chazz and Zach? Do they understand there is another player right behind them looking to move up the depth chart?

"I think it's important for all of them to keep learning the offense in case we have to call on them. You know our motto "Next Man In" they all have to be ready when ever they are called upon. I hope we don't get to the same pace we had last year of getting four guys in, but, we want them all ready as if they were the starter for that weeks game."

BI: I'm going to name each quarterback and give us just a few words to describe each of them.

Tony Pike?

"Very smart and deadly."

Zach Collaros?

"Uncontrollable sometimes as you never know where he's going to go with the ball or what he's going to do. Can make plays!"

Chazz Anderson?

"Very steady; he's going to go by the book every play and do what you ask him to do."

Brendon Kay?

"Smart, very athletic and a very good quarterback."

Demetrius Richardson?

"Very good kid, smart and knows what's going on right now. He's just back here because he's new to the program and he's learning the offense and we'll see where he can fit in for us in the future."

BI: What did you guys see in Demetrius as he was to be at Army? He looks very athletic?

"He's very athletic and has great size for a quarterback, you can run him and be able to throw some play-action-pass stuff and move him around in the pocket."

BI: A lot of practice is spent going against air, 7-on-7 drills ect. Is this just for working on the precision of the offense or is there another reason for this?

"One thing you want is precision. But at the same time it leads to skill development. What you really want to do is to develop skill development. Kids now a day just don't seem to have the same skill development as we use to have. Kids spend more time playing Play Station or X-box or are doing any of the many electronic things they can do nowadays instead of being outside playing ball. As you notice with us we're always out throwing the ball around in one form or another and that develops skill development."

BI: When you first got here as a staff the question was if there was enough receivers; now the question looks to be if there are enough footballs to go around?

"The good thing is in the spread you can keep the horses fresh and that is what we want to do. This allows us to make easy substitutions as they all know the different positions and that way we keep the legs fresh on the receivers and keep them running down the field."

BI: How good can Tony Pike be?

"Tony has a chance to be one of the best we've ever had. Coach Kelly and I have been together for a long time with this offense and Tony's very good. But there is always work to be done and Tony knows this and continues to work hard and become better every day."

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