Bearcats – One Pass – Win or Lose the Game

Tuesday's practice at Camp Higher Ground found some more excitement towards the end of practice. Here's a look at what transpired as the Bearcats get closer to their opening match-up with Rutgers.

Like most days the University of Cincinnati football team went through the paces of working on the finer details of each drill designed to make them better and ready for their season opener against Big East foe Rutgers.

Throughout the session many of the Bearcats showed they were crisp and ready for game action. Receivers made great catches and gave effort in some of the more basic skills set up to improve their skill set.

While there are still a few players with minor dings the overall health of the team is great and it looks as if they leave camp on Saturday with the majority of players ready for the week leading up to the season opener.

The biggest noise of the day came towards the end of practice as the team went full go in game on the line situations. With the ball placed on different areas on the field inside the redzone, the Bearcats offense went after the defense with one play that would make them a winner or loser in a game.

This is an area that Brian Kelly has used to push the team and make them ready for when the time comes and a game could be decided with one pass.

With the first play the first team offense and defense went after it with Tony Pike looking to hit a pass in the endzone. On this play the defense won as Aaron Webster knocked the ball out of the receiver's hands.

But the Bearcats offense was ready.

On the next series Pike looked to running back Jacob Ramsey and hit him for a touchdown and the win.

Up next was Zach Collars who Kelly feels could see time if something would happen with Pike and the situation was right for his style of play.

Collars didn't disappoint as he found Marcus Barnett for a touchdown with a great physical catch be Barnett that caught the coaches eyes and praise from receivers coach Charlie Molnar.

Next up was Chazz Anderson who would take a snap from center Evan Davis that skidded across the ground and out of Anderson's hands and into the defenses hands for a turnover. As the play was whistled dead Coach Kelly could be heard telling Davis the game is now over and he'd just cost his team a chance for a victory with such a poor snap.

With that said Davis had no problem on the next snap and Anderson would hit Charlie Howard in the endzone with a solid catch and a touchdown.

To finish the day Pike and the first team offense looked to seal the deal and without hesitation Pike hit a streaking Mardy Gilyard going across the back of the endzone for a touchdown. Gilyard had got a step on defensive back Dominique Battle to give the offense the victory and find Coach Kelly ready to end the practice session.

While the staff was working on end of the game situations Brian Kelly talked about the running game as members of the media talked with him after practice.

Kelly wasted little words stressing he feels the Bearcats running game can be bolstered by Tony Pike playing well.

"I think when you get better with Tony Pike at the quarterback position; there are going to be multiple coverage looks as they try to confuse him and that should open up some things in the running game for us. The harder that you try to prepare against Tony throwing the football, you've got to be able to protect the other side of that's the ability to run the football. We've have to prepare for that, obviously if teams come down and just want to play man-to-man then we've got to be able to be proficient against that look as well. But we feel we've got some guys that can cause some match-up problems."

But right now there is not one clear starter while Jacob Ramsey could be the first name called.

"I don't know if there is one clear starter; Jakes got the most experience certainly, so if you're calling out the first guy you call Jacob Ramsey, but my guess is there are going to be shared carries amongst three or four backs."

For the Bearcats camp is starting to wind down. Players know they still have a few days to go and know practice is a time work must be done while the calendar inches closer to their trip east to battle Rutgers.

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