Coach Hinton Talks Running Backs

As the man in charge of coaching the Bearcats running backs Tim Hinton knows fans eyes are always on his players. We spoke with Hinton about the running backs as the team prepared for the upcoming season.

Make no mistake the University of Cincinnati has a good looking group of players looking to make their mark at the running back position. While veterans Jacob Ramsey and John Goebel are well known, it's the younger faces that have many fans looking towards the future.

That future is now and Coach Hinton wasted no time in making sure his players push to reach the next level in their development.

"We have an excellent group or running backs to work with and we've got a lot of depth at the position with a lot of competition. We've know we've got to continue to work on learning the game every day and continue to work on the mental and physical parts of the game. We're pushing ourselves and there is a lot of competition here and that is a positive thing. Football is a physical game and our players know they've got to be ready when they're called upon."

As for a player pushing forward in his development Darrin Williams has made inroads during camp for reps during the season.

"There is no question Darrin brings a change of speed as compared to John and Jake. With him and Isaiah (Pead) they bring a different speed to the field. Darrin Williams can run low to the ground and change the speed on the field. The bottom line is he must be able to be physical and tough and do the things we need to do."

But while fans may look for the younger players it's the most veteran back that Hinton knows will be there when the bell rings.

"Jacob Ramsey is Mr. Steady Eddy. He works his butt off and brings a lot to the table with his work ethic each and every day. We know he'll always be in the right place."

The other veteran returning has been slowed in camp with an injury but Coach Hinton knows John Goebel brings a very good skill set to the field.

"We missed John during camp and we feel he'll be ready for Rutgers. John does add a lot of dimensions as he runs better than some people think and he can catch the ball out of the backfield and can work out in space and make guys miss. He's a very good football player."

While the Bearcats don't have a fulltime fullback on their roster they do have some guys who can fill the void.

"You know we don't really recruit fullbacks so when it comes time we have to go over and steal a few linebackers and see what they can do. Many of those guys are former high school running backs and they love to get a snap here or there on the offensive side of the ball."

As for what Coach Hinton has been preaching as the team prepares for the season it's back to the basics.

"Being able to pass protect very well and have great ball security is very important. We have to make sure we have great ball security. The game has never changed as many times you beat yourself instead of the other team beating you."

With up to four backs looking for reps the Bearcats will have depth at the position during the 2009 season.

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