Tony Pike Ready To Go

For Tony Pike life has changed a lot over the past year. Getting ready for the season opener against Rutgers has Pike looking forward and not back to what happened a year ago.

"It's been a crazy process as you know last year I was sitting back on the depth chart and then an injury pushed me up to the number two position as the coaches trusted me at the position. Then Dustin goes down and you kind of hit the ground running and you really don't have time to adjust and make the adjustments on the fly. But once you get in there and start to get comfortable in the game you know your mindset changes and things seem to go a little easier."

I remember watching you play in high school and back then the game looked like it was in slow motion for you or like you were playing a video game. Is the college game now looking like that to you?

"I think its getting that way now. High school you were always going over the same stuff and had a lot of repetition. With Coach Kelly coming in here and bring a spread offense has really helped me in developing my game."

While many would have called Pike a stick in recent years this past off season saw the quarterback doing the little extra things to take his body to another level.

"It's been a long, long summer and a long off season in the weight room. After last season Coach Longo sat down with me and laid out the plan for me to get to the weight I needed to be at. Coach Longo has been at it a long time and Coach Flint knows what he's doing and I'm starting to see the results and I couldn't be more grateful to Coach Longo and his staffs in helping me get to where I am today."

While the Bearcats have enjoyed a couple of fine receivers since Pike enrolled at UC, he knows the group of players working to get on the field to catch his passes is second to none.

"It's a quarterbacks dream when you come out here and look around. You don't really know if it's the ones or two's your throwing to on the field because we've got so much talent. We really don't miss a beat when we make changes out there as we've got a lot of guys fighting to get the reps and getting better everyday."

As for his goals for his final season Tony knows staying within himself is the key to success.

"To work on the offense and get that consistency down cause last year we showed signs of being a great offense but at the same time we had games where we sputtered. We just come out here and do the work needed to be done to be successful."

Bearcat fans know a healthy Tony Pike brings a great chance Brian Kelly's offense takes another step forward in the development of the program. Pike's done the work and on Monday we'll learn if it's all paid off.

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