Ramsey Talks Rutgers and More

Senior Bearcats running back Jacob Ramsey was one of several Bearcats to have a big day in the opener against Rutgers. Bearcat Insider sat down with Jacob to talk about the game and more in this special interview.

The Bearcats running game has been one of the big questions entering the season. While many would want more production from the group there were several bright spots in the big victory over the Scarlet Knights.

One of those players was Jacob Ramsey who sat down with Bearcat Insider and talked about the game.

Big win on Monday, a strange day to play on Monday but you and the team went to Rutgers to show the Big East and the nation that UC was here to stay.

"Yes sir, we just came out and Rutgers happened to be our first opponent. We wanted to come out and start with a bang and play fast and place a W on the board."

How nice was it to see different jersey's across from you on the field?

"It's great; going against our defense everyday is hard. They play every down and it's hard to run against them and hard to do anything against our defense. To see a different team not knowing what we're going to do was great to compete against."

Talk about your performance; you had some big play in the game.

"I just continue to play within the offense and stay within our offensive scheme. We recognized some things Rutgers weren't doing and we took advantage of it getting me the ball out into space. Other than that I tried to make plays when I have the opportunity."

One of the things I noticed was the size of the holes. You could have run a truck through some of those.

"Yes sir, it was a combination of things. Great effort by the offensive line and great play calling by our offensive coaches, those two things and the tempo we played at put everything into place."

How hard is it to go from Monday then back to a game on Saturday?

"It's pretty hard seeing that we have a quick turnaround. We practiced yesterday and we're going to have practice today. We kind of lose a day in our preparation but it's alright as long as we continue to work hard."

You and the team had goals set going into the game, how did you guys fare?

"What we really showed was we'd practiced too hard in camp to come out and not really show what we could do. That was our focus as we didn't want to come into the game using any excuses as to why we didn't do certain things. As a unit and a team we really focused on just giving our all and being efficient in everything we do.'

The Columbus connection (Ramsey & Pead) showed up on Monday. Talk about how you feel Isaiah did?

"Isaiah Pead is a great back; he has the ability to do some great things on the field and out in space. When I saw him get the ball on the screen I said goodbye, he's a great athlete and a great talent and I'm looking forward to see what else he does for us to help us win.

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