Jones Feels At Home

For Demetrius Jones Monday's game with Rutgers was another step in his lifelong dream of playing football at the collegiate level. After having been one of the nations top quarterback prospects and starting his career at Notre Dame, Jones has finally found a home in Cincinnati and on the defensive side of the football.

Demetrius talked about his game-day experience with a sense of pride and joy when Bearcat Insider sat down with him this week.

"The experience on Monday was great. I feel blessed and honored to play college football again and sharing the same dream with my some of teammates. As a player it just felt good to contribute to the team. We have goals set in mind and it was just good to get that first game out of the way and get rid of all those butterflies."

During the game Demetrius experienced the lows and highs as a player on back-to-back plays. Picking up a 15-yard penalty should have taken him off the field. But because of the pace of the game a change couldn't be made and led to him making the biggest play of his college career.

"Each play you learn something different. I'm sure all collegiate athletes can say the same things. You learn something different from each play and I should have known they were running their 2-minute offense and he would be looking to get out of bounds. I should have backed off but I didn't and it cost us 15-yards. I was pretty blessed not to be subbed out because Coach Kelly has always made it clear that when you do something like that you're going to be pulled. I got lucky not to be chewed out by him and before I had to go to the sidelines I made the interception."

While Demetrius dreamed of being a college quarterback, the change was made that placed him on the defensive side of the ball. How has the adjustment gone?

"Playing football no matter what position you play you've got to have an understanding that there are expectations to play at a certain level. Mentally it's still the same at quarterback as it would be for any other position. The coaches trust you enough to put you out there and you've got a job to fulfill.

As for the journey he's taken Demetrius knows it's been one of great growth with his main goals still in site.

"The journey has really been incredible. Coming from Chicago and being a highly touted player and playing quarterback. But one thing throughout the journey I can say is that when God has a plan for you he's got a plan for you."

"Growing up coaches always told me I had leadership ability and always played me at quarterback. A lot of things happened real fast and as for me going to Notre Dame was a dream come true. My cousin Chris Zordich went to Notre Dame and I watched him play growing up so I felt I had ties with them. But college football is a business and sometimes you've got to make decisions some may not understand."

"After leaving Notre Dame and coming here you have those down times when you're wondering what is going to happen next. But different opportunities presented themselves and I just decided I needed to go a different route. It's actually been fun because coming out of high school my goals was to get a degree and put myself in the best position to play football. Those things are starting to pan out with the only change being the position I'm playing on the field."

But between the move from Notre Dame and working his way back on the field, Demetrius had to draw from within to keep from getting to a point of turning away from football.

"I had some of those kinds of days. But my mother always told me that you make your bed, you must also lay in it. Making my college choice was something I did when I was 18-years old. I'm not saying I'm a fully grown man now, but when you make decisions at 18 you've got emotions flowing and sometimes don't always see the whole picture. Looking back though it has all been worth it because those things that happened when I was at Notre Dame and the friendships I made and the life long lessons I learned when I was there, have made me the man you're talking to now. So it was all worth it and part of a bigger plan that is in my future.

What the future may hold for Jones has yet to be determined. He's now worked his way onto the playing field and placed the memories he's made into their proper places. Life is good now and the once star quarterback is looking to make a name for himself as a top linebacker. After Monday's performance he's off to a great start.

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