Gilyard Keeps Self and Team Focused

As one of the top playmakers in college football Mardy Gilyard has an easy time getting the spotlight shined on his accomplishments. But the Florida native is not one to search out the fame and stardom that football has given him. Bearcat Insider sat down with Mardy to talk about Rutgers and more in this special interview.

Last season Mardy Gilyard became a household name to fans of the University of Cincinnati. Not only did Bearcat fans embrace the speedy wide receiver but so did many others who watched Mardy during the many Bearcats games that were televised.

Monday was another chance to Mardy to show his football skills and he and his teammates didn't disappoint.

"We just wanted to play fast and do a good job of protecting Tony and let our defense show we can play good ball, we took care of business."

On Wednesday, Bearcats head coach Brian Kelly talked about some of the different plays the Bearcats put in on Monday and how he and his staffed traded information with former Bearcat and current Florida head coach Urban Myer during the offseason.

While some may try and compare how Mardy was used against Rutgers as the Bearcats Percy Harvin, the senior wide receiver would have no talk on the matter.

"No, I'm Mardy Gilyard. I wouldn't compare myself to a "big dog" like that but I'm just Mardy and coach wanted to stretch me out in some different positions because one of the things I'm good at is I'm very elusive and able to break tackles. Coach is looking to take advantage of different situations like that and it just happens to be me he's picked to do some of those things with."

Making a statement on Monday was huge for the Bearcats. While the team knows they've had some success there still is a feeling that they are on the outside looking in when it comes to the media and polls.

"We never get credit for anything so I reminded the team that we're the defending Big East Champs and we're on top of the totem poll and everyone needs to chase us. So if we're going to make them chase us we need to make them chase us good. We looked at this game (Rutgers) as a playoff game and wanted to come out with a win and let everyone chase us. It's the way it should be and it's the way we want it."

With one of the major losses coming to the wide receivers core having been Dominick Goodman, the senior Bearcat was quick to point out the guy he feels will have a huge season among those stepping into the Wizards shoes.

"Armon Binns, Armon Binns, Armon Binns… little brothers just been doing his thing since spring. He's amazing when he goes up in the air to get the ball because you know he's going to come down with it. He's got a big frame and excellent hands and the things you see him do in practice you know he's going to continue to get better and better."

As always Mardy reminds himself of keeping things in perspective. The ups and downs he's seen since arriving on campus have allowed him to find a way to stay humble. Because he knows if he doesn't others will put him back into his place.

"My mom's raised me right. You know I've got two mothers and both of them stressed to me to be humble and make sure I always stressed that I've been blessed. God comes first because without him there would be no Mardy. My father is like my best friend so he makes sure he keeps me grounded. He's always telling me about the negative things so I remain grounded. My one older brother always reminds me that football has been good to me and that good things will continue to happen if I stay grounded and humble. I've got a good group of people keeping me humble. Not only does my family do it but the coaches and all of the 100 brothers I have here on this team remind me of it."

The 2009 season has started off where Mardy Gilyard left off. A big play receiver and specialist who can change the game with each touch of the football. Bearcat fans are excited about what Mardy Gilyard might do next on the field and know they're watching one of UC's all-time greats in the process.

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