Duckens Bearcat Beat

As a former football player at UC, Bob Duckens was use to taking and giving some good hits. Who does Bob go after in this weeks Duckens Bearcat Beat? Read for yourself.

Here we are already into week #2 of the college football season and moving into week #3. I think the experts now are starting to rethink that the BE is not the worst BCS conference after all. The ACC looks horrible! How many FCS teams have they lost to? William and Mary beating Virginia is pathetic. Duke lost to Richmond, and Maryland needed overtime to beat James Madison. NO this isn't basketball my friends, this is football. I hate to have to resort to proving my point to all the BE haters but I will weekly until the BE gains the respect it deserves.

Before I go into the State of the BE, a few other thoughts about college football. I know this may cross over into being considered pro football but what in the heck is wrong with Michael Crabtree? This guy is an unbelievable talent but that was in college. Do me a favor if you're reading this Mr. Crabtree, get off your high horse, sign for what San Francisco is offering you, get with the team so you can learn, contribute, make plays and help the team win and magically they will pay you more than what your silly self is holding out for, its called bonuses or incentives. I'm sorry; I just have a problem with prima donna and/or guys who haven't proven anything at the next level wanting to be paid all their money up front. If he is stupid enough to sit out the season, I hope nobody picks him up in next years draft to send a message to him and any other player who makes such a stupid move. Here's a tip for you------FIRE YOUR AGENT!

On a much lighter note, what a great game defensively that OSU played against USC. They were really flying around all night shutting down what USC wanted to do. Unfortunately, USC got it done when they needed to and got the win. Notice that I did say it was a good job defensively not offensively! Until Tressel stops this ball control offense, be prepared to get used to seeing such losses like we did last night. I have a solution that may help! I would move Pryor to WR and throw the ball to him. Why not? He's already a playmaker at 6'6 and you don't honestly think that he is going to be a QB in the NFL, do you? He's too raw and not a good enough passer to play QB at the next level; you could have Vince Young re-created. If he can't make all the plays from the QB position, he could be the next Chris Carter at WR.

Lastly, I honestly believe that Bobby Bowden should hang it up at FSU otherwise known as Free Shoes University and hand the reigns over to Jimbo Fisher. I hate this new coach in waiting term because it seems like the coach is in waiting for a long time while the current coach makes up his mind what he really wants to do. Coach Bowden could always do what they did at Oregon and Wisconsin, he could move to being the AD. That would keep him around the game without actually being involved in coaching. This to me is just a way to hold onto assistants and keeping them from getting other jobs. Its almost like being designated a franchise player in the NFL. Jimbo Fisher could bring FSU back to where it was but as long as the old man is there, FSU will continue to struggle.

Now here's the BE roundup:

1.) Cincinnati- Two games, two impressive wins. The SEMO game was expected but the Rutgers beat down was shocking especially because over the last few years, this has been a close contest. I truly think that the Bearcats have one of the most explosive offenses in the nation and DC's that have to play UC are trying to find ways to stop it right now. The problem isn't the spread; the problem is the no-huddle. It wears the defense out and if you have no legs in the game, how can you bring constant pressure? Oh well, we'll have to see how well Oregon State handles it. Better change the light bulbs in the scoreboard!

2.) Pittsburgh- Pitt has actually looked good on offense the first two games. Stull has been his same mistake prone self but they have a running back in freshman Dion Lewis. He has put up some impressive numbers early and if he continues to get better as the year goes on, Pitt will be a handful. I never thought I would say this but Shady who?

3.) West Virginia- After a shaky opening game against Liberty, the Neers took it to ECU. Jarrett Brown turned in a solid performance and now WVU is developing a passing attack. Consistency is the key to anything though and we will have to see how they do this weekend at Auburn. The defense also played well, which is not a surprise and they got production from their first year kicker as well.

4.) Connecticut- After surviving Ohio U. in Athens, UConn had #19 UNC on the ropes. Still with no passing game, the defense and the rushing offense was keeping the Tar Heels off balance. But UConn couldn't hold a ten point lead heading into the 4th quarter and UNC escaped. I think that Randy Edsall has been spending too much time with Jim Tressel in the offseason talking offensive strategy. Ball control is effective but your defense is eventually going to get worn out if the offense can't generate points.

5.) Rutgers- After the Cincy debacle, nothing warms your heart more than seeing Howard warm-up across from you. Tom Savage and the RU offense shredded the Bison up and blew the game away. I know it doesn't heal all the wounds but getting any kind of win can cure some of the hurt. The key will be if RU can be in midseason form after their next two cupcakes to get ready for their game against Pitt.

6.) South Florida- The jury is still out on this team. They have looked decent in their first two games but against who? I need more time to really evaluate the Bulls. Oh, Grothe did become the all-time leading passer in the history of the BE, after all he has been there for like 10 years.

7.) Louisville- Krags come on man; you should not struggle to beat Indiana State at home! I think with every passing week, he should take another box home out of his office. This start has the makings of being a bad season for UL but if they can somehow get a win against hated UK, they may have a chance. I can't see it though because the defense is not that good and the offense with new QB Justin Burke is no better.

8.) Syracuse- Coach Marrone, the Greg Paulus experiment almost netted you a win against Minnesota but he was brought back to earth against Penn State. Look, he may look good against subpar competition but when they play a real opponent, he is going to struggle. Like Michael Jordan playing baseball, you have to put in time to learn and master your craft. Playing four years of basketball does not get you ready to be a starting QB at a BCS school. Maybe at Mission College you can get away with it but if he continues to struggle, give the QB's that have been there a shot.

I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope to hear your comments about what I've said. Go Big East and Go Bearcats!!!!!!

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