Schaffer Living Dream As A Bearcat

Bearcats sophomore linebacker talks about living the dream, Fresno State and more.

Two seasons ago J.K. Schaffer was playing linebacker for Cincinnati La Salle. While Schaffer was known for his play making abilities as a Lancer his recruiting didn't get off to the fastest of starts. Now, Schaffer has placed himself on the field as a member of the Bearcats linebackers and is making plays all over the field.

With the Bearcats continues success Schaffer knows not only is he seeing his own dream come true, but also the dreams of many who grew up watching the Bearcats over the years.

"I mean it's been a dream come true out there playing with those guys. Especially with how good of a team we actually have right now. I couldn't have asked for anything more or dreamed for anything more."

One of the reasons for the overall success of the Bearcats is the way many of the players take the field each day with a chip on their shoulders having been snubbed by other college programs.

"It's been pretty wild coming from high school not knowing if I was even going to get a scholarship from any school. I busted my tail for it and I'm very happy with where I'm at now."

Last weekend Schaffer and his teammates made the trip west to play Oregon State. How did the trip affect them when they arrived and returned back home to the Queen City?

"It really wasn't too big of a problem going out there because we gained three hours. But coming back, that was where it was hard because we didn't get back until like six in the morning and really didn't get any sleep. It was rough but we handled it the right way because we relaxed on the way back and got the proper time off. So it worked out well overall."

Just like most local players, J.K. has seen the energy from family and friends as the team continues to have success on the field.

"My family and friends are absolutely ecstatic right now for the whole team. Their all having a great time, they've been watching the team and recording all the game and watching them over and over while also coming to all of them."

As for this weeks opponent J.K. knows not to take anyone too lightly.

"Fresno State is a very tough football team bringing a lot to the table. They can run and throw the ball and have both speed and power on the field. This will be a big test for us."

Last Friday night the Bearcats had time to watch Fresno State as they battled Boise State on television. How did it feel watching the team they knew was up next on the schedule?

"I got to watch the Boise State game the night before when we were in our hotel. It was kind of neat being able to watch a team a week before we got a chance to break them down."

Having seen most of the game and the number of points placed on the scoreboard should fans expect a high scoring shootout in Nippert Stadium?

"No, I don't really believe it will be a shootout; plus we really don't want any shootouts this year because that would mean bad things for our defense."

Schaffer and the Bearcats continue getting ready for their next big test on Saturday and know Bearcat fans will be out in force.

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