"Stop The Insanity!"

All this talk about how good the Bearcats are has got to stop. Yes, Brian Kelly has his team rising in the national polls, but talk of a National Championship game against the mighty Florida Gators has got to stop.

Back in the 90's infomercials became a "Big Time" business for several. Susan Powter may have been one of the top with her "Stop the Insanity!" pleas. Do you remember Powter? Yes, the buzz cut blonde that looked to embarrass you into buying her weight and inches reduction videos when you couldn't get to sleep at two in the morning.

Well just like Powter, I'm here to yell the same phrase over and over again.

"Stop The Insanity!"

So why have I taken such a stance after having preached to those who would listen that the Bearcats and the University of Cincinnati was on the brink of some big things? Well it's easy. Because the job has not been completed and is only 3-13-ths of the way completed.

Yes the Bearcats are off to a great start having won big road games against Rutgers and Oregon State to go with a home bashing of Southeast Missouri State in Nippert Stadium just a couple of weekends ago. There is much to be excited about but don't buy into all the hype, not just yet.

I can guarantee you Brian Kelly is not buying into all the hype. I can guarantee you Brian Kelly is working to keep his players focused on the goal at hand and that's this week opponent Fresno State.

Does Kelly like the attention his team is getting? Yes, all coaches want their teams to be ranked and in the race to win a conference championship and the all important BCS bowl game that goes with it. But they also know championships are not won in week four of the college football season.

Growing up we're always told to learn from history. So what has history taught so many teams over the past few years that have started to dream early about championship rings and big bowl games? That failure is only one Saturday away. Just ask conference foes West Virginia and South Florida about their history of dreaming early about being Big East Champions and playing for a national title. I'm sure they still remember being the toast of the college football world only to have it yanked away from then.

Can the Bearcats beat Fresno State and should they be favored? Yes, Fresno will be making its second trip to the Midwest in the last three weeks and everything is going against them and their 1-2 record. But as we've always been taught you need to stay away from an injured dog and right now the Bulldogs are one of college footballs most injured dogs.

Fresno State is just the type of team that can take the wind from out of Bearcats Nations sail if the team comes out flat and over confident in their abilities.

Should Bearcat fans be enjoying the ride? Yes, you've earned it with the years you've spent following this program through the highs and many lows. The last five years has seen University of Cincinnati football go from many wishing the program was disbanded to one where stadium and facilities expansion is a must if Kelly and his staff are to continue their battle in college footballs arms race.

But let's stop the early insanity of all this hype talk until the Bearcats knock off Fresno State, Miami, Illinois and the rest of the Big East on their way to another Big East Championship and a trip to the promise land.

Remember, it was just a few weeks ago many had the Bearcats penciled to be playing in the Car Care Bowl or the Pizza Bowl, not the National Championship Game against the Gators.

Wouldn't Bearcat fans rather play Ohio State?

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