Guidugli Understands Miami & Being A Target

Maybe no other player on the University of Cincinnati roster understands the changes that have occurred in the football program than Ben Guidugli. The junior from Fort Thomas (KY) Highlands high school has seen the growth of the Bearcats program like no other player. He also understands the Miami rivalry better than most.

For Ben Guidugli the reminder will always be there about his families' ties to University of Cincinnati football. With his brother's name pasted on the side of Nippert Stadium, Ben knows one of the legends of Bearcats football is just a phone call away.

But like many the legend has quickly become a cheering fan of the success of the past couple of years.

"Gino's excited just like everybody else, so it's a fun time right now and we're working hard to make sure we don't let anybody down."

With Mardy Gilyard and the rest of the Bearcats receivers getting most of the glory, Ben knows he needs to make the most of his chances just like he did last Saturday against Fresno State.

"Defiantly, efficiency that is what I call it. We've got a lot of playmakers on offense so when you get your chance you have to make the most of it."

Just like last Saturday, Ben has witnessed the changes that have taken place in the Bearcats program.

"It's been a big change; we're talking maybe 8-10,000 people in Nippert Stadium to 35,000 fans now. We're on ESPN 8 or more times a year as compared to maybe one or two times if at all. It's just been a big change and I'm getting to enjoy it. My brother sees it from a different perspective but everybody is excited no matter if you're on the team, a Cincinnati Bearcat fan or if you just live in Cincinnati. I really feel everybody is excited about what is happening here now."

No stranger to success, Ben knows too well what life is like with a target on your back. As a member of the very success Highlands program he learned you better bring you're a-game or be ready to taste defeat.

"We can't take any team lightly, when you play an opponent that's ranked number ten in the country, you're going to give them your best shot. Because we've got national attention they know if they beat us there going to get some of that attention."

While still in high school the last time the Bearcats lost to the RedHawks, Ben fully understands why Miami Week is so special to many.

"I watched that game in 2005 with a lot of true freshmen playing and Miami took it to us. But we've got several guys who are seniors now so we've been able to turn the table around when it comes to Miami. The bell has a special meaning to us and you know it's Miami Week when you hear the ding-ding of that bell in the locker room. I have a different perspective about Miami because I've seen more losses than any of the players here having seen Gino battle and lose to them. There have been some really good games against Miami over the years and I'm looking forward to this game. Were not trying to lose any of the rivalry trophies that are upstairs, we want to keep them polished up and looking good in their case."

While Ben would like to see the tight ends get more chances, he knows the main goal for all of the team it to keep on winning.

"I knew we were a team on the rise. I couldn't tell you we'd be a Top 10 team right now but I knew we'd be a Top 25 team. But our work is not finished. When we got back from the Orange Bowl we were not satisfied with how the season ended. We have unfinished business to take care of before were going to be happy.

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