Kelly Likes Vanilla

Saturday's victory over Miami may not have been what fans or even some critics may have been looking for, but in the end Brian Kelly keeping his team vanilla may have been the best decision with South Florida coming up next.

With their 37-13 victory over Miami on Saturday, the University of Cincinnati football team will now start to prepare for their second Big East battle against unbeaten South Florida.

With their record now at 5-0 the Bearcats have caught the eyes of pollsters in both the AP and Coaches making the Top 10. But even with their record people such as ESPN's Mark May became a critic of the win not being a blowout stating if Cincinnati really wants to be taken serious they can't have victories like the one on Saturday.

But while May was quick to go after the Bearcats, he, along with his ESPN counterparts gave Virginia Tech a free pass in their battle against Duke. The last time Insider checked, Duke and Virginia Tech don't have a long running rivalry against each other. Besides, when the head coach keeps the offense "Vanilla" the high octane, high scoring Bearcats are not going to post 50 on any team.

How "Vanilla" was the Bearcats offense? Very vanilla if you look at the stat sheet and see that Jacob Ramsey rushed for over 100 yards. The last time this happened was in week one of 2007 season when Butler Benton hit for 101 yards against Southeast Missouri State.

So while those who want to throw stones at the Bearcats victory against the RedHawks they should take a look at the game film and see when the Bearcats made the choice to flex their muscle Miami didn't have an answer to counter with.

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