California Dreaming?

The road traveled by Armon Binns has been a long one. A native of Pasadena, California left the west coast and headed off to Cincinnati feeling his skills would be best suited for the offense Brian Kelly had brought to the program. But that doesn't mean Binns wouldn't mind a trip back home this season.

With the Bearcats now at 5-0 on the season and early talk of them being one of the teams capable of playing in the National Championship game one Bearcat wouldn't mind a trip to the west coast.

Armon Binns left Pasadena for Cincinnati in 2007 and would like nothing better than to be taking the field in his hometown and playing for the National Championship. But Binns won't look that far ahead and knows much work needs to be done by him and his teammates for any chance of that happening to come true.

So how has the Bearcats junior wide receiver adjusted to being a Midwest guy?

"It's now my third year here so when the cold comes around I'm a little more prepared for it compared to my freshman year. I wouldn't say I'm a Midwest guy fully. I still have some west coast in me but I'm very comfortable here and Cincinnati is a great place and I know a lot of people here now. So I'm just relaxing and enjoying it."

Leaving California may have left some of Armon's close friends and family scratching their heads, but after learning what Brian Kelly had planned at the University of Cincinnati; Binns knew he was making the right move. What are they saying now?

"There all saying I made the right choice now. They all asked me why I didn't go to a Pac-10 school or another school on the west coast, but my parents and I talked about it and really believed in Coach Kelly and the system he was bringing to Cincinnati."

Now a starter, Armon Binns knows there is still a lot of work to do. Having to follow one of Cincinnati's all-time best in Dominick Goodman, big shoes would need to be filled. How has the change been so far?

"I think it's alright; I still have a lot of room to improve as I'm just starting to get a feel for the game. This is my first year of starting so I've gotten a chance to feel what it's like to play a whole game and I'm just starting to get into a rhythm."

"I'm trying to fill those shoes because Goody was a great player and he worked really hard to be that type of player. Coach Molnar has told me since I came here to just do what Goody does and that is what I'm trying to do."

But while Armon has made the adjustment from being away from home he's also stayed in close contact with his family.

"It's kind of harder for my mom because she's really close to me. But she supports me all the time and I talk with her everyday. She's also came to some of the games and I talk with her every day."

With two games against West Coast opponents Armon had a chance to get close to home against Oregon State and then play a team he was familiar with in Fresno State. Did he get to see some of his family when the Bearcats went out west?

"My mom and brother and all of his kids came up for the Oregon State game and it was really nice. I knew some guys on Oregon State but didn't know any on Fresno State, but Fresno State recruited me so I knew some of the coaches."

Armon Binns knows the road is still a long one before any thoughts of a bowl game. But he continues to work and push to take his game to another level hoping to be one of the many Bearcats not only win another Big East Championship but to also play in another BCS Bowl Game. If that game happens to be in Pasadena, California the trip will be a homecoming the Binns family wouldn't soon forget.

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