Pub Talk - South Florida & Cincinnati

The publisher of Larry Weisbaum and publisher Dave Berk got together and talked about Thursday nights Big East match-up between their two schools. Listen to these special audio clips to learn more about the Bulls and Bearcats as they head into Thursday nights Big East showdown.

Larry Weisbaum of has been covering the South Florida Bulls since 2005.

Dave Berk of has been covering the Cincinnati Bearcats since 2005.

In that time South Florida and Cincinnati have played some games to remember with the Bearcats having won the past three match-ups.

Larry and Dave got together and talked about each team and what the other should expect in these special audio files.

Please click on the following links to hear what Larry and Dave had to say about Thursday's game that could help push the winner towards a Big East Championship.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

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