Did I Just Say Cincinnati Top 5?

Alabama - check. Florida - check. Texas - check. UCS – check. Cincinnati - Stop! Hold on for just one moment…The University of Cincinnati is now officially part of "Big Time" college football? And is now a member of the Top 5 in the latest AP Poll? Something must be wrong with the universe.

Sunday afternoon saw the official release of the weekly Associated Press Top 25 as well as the Coaches Top 25. In the AP the Bearcats are now listed as the 5-th best team in college football passing up Boise State and sitting behind longtime national powers Alabama, Florida, Texas and USC.

While the coaches are a bit behind having Cincinnati listed at the 6-th spot, it still gives the Bearcats the highest ranking in school history and a lot of questions left to be answered before Louisville comes calling next Saturday.

How will the Bearcats now handle being the hunted?

When will Tony Pike be ready to get back behind center?

Who should take Pike's place if he can't go?

How will the Bearcats respond to not having Pike behind center?

What big-money college program will now be coming after Brian Kelly?

Can the Bearcats continue their winning ways and finish the season undefeated?

If the Bearcats win all remaining games will they play for the National Championship?

Did I just say National Championship and University of Cincinnati football in the same sentence?

The questions above will all be looked at in the coming week here at Bearcat Insider.

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