Hoffman Having Last Laugh

Coming out of high school Bearcats offensive lineman Alex Hoffman didn't have college coaches knocking down his door. The Bearcats found Hoffman and in the process have found a player who has already shown he's going to have a chance to be a good one.

When you stand 6-foot-5, 300-pounds and play college football it's hard to go unnoticed. For Alex Hoffman getting noticed seemed a lot harder just a few years ago when he couldn't find a college program willing to take a chance on him despite him being considered one of the top 33 football players in the state of Indiana.

While Western Kentucky offered it was Cincinnati that caught the Indianapolis Cathedral High prospect and earned his signature on national signing day. Looking back Hoffman has forgot about the recruiting process and is enjoying being a member of the 5-th ranked Bearcats.

"This has been fun and I can't complain. There have been guys come here with a lot of offers and some with very few offers. It doesn't matter how many offers you received in high school because you've got to come out here everyday and compete and work hard in the weight room and in the film room to have a chance to compete."

Hoffman got his first real taste of college football last season when he was thrown into a few games because of injury. Now he knows his role as the Bearcats starting right guard but knows others would love to take his spot in the lineup.

"I'm glad I'm here and I'm loving it. I come out here every week knowing we've got a new opponent and that it's a new week. When I take the field I look at it as we're sitting with a 0-0 record and with a chip on my shoulder because you want to win every week."

Like most Bearcats Alex heard many question his college choice but now is having the last laugh.

"Everyone in my hometown asked why I was going to Cincinnati. I'm glad I'm here because we're a BCS school and we're winning. I can't complain because Coach Kelly and Coach Quinn do a great job and everyone here has a demeanor about them that winning is important. Now everyone who questioned me is like, Wow! They now see how highly Cincinnati is ranked and they now understand why I came here. They also are asking for tickets to games now."

Bearcat fans have learned Alex Hoffman is one of the better offensive linemen on the field by the lack of hearing his number called. While most college football players love the spotlight, Alex Hoffman is just happy to have a jersey and a place to call home on and off the field while having the last laugh.

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