Duck From Duckens

4 time Bearcats letter winner Bob Duckens gives his thoughts on the Bearcats, Big East and more in his latest "Duck From Duckens".

For the life of me Bearcat fans I cannot think about what it was like when I was talking about UC football this offseason. I think it went sort of like this, UC was going to win the Big East this year and the defense was actually going to surprise a lot of people with how good they will be.

Yeah, it's all coming back to me now and I also remember going around the Big East and reading what other forums were saying about the Bearcats and they were all saying that we would be good on offense but our defense would be our downfall.

Well, I hate to say that I was right and they were all wrong but I will... YOU WERE ALL WRONG! 8-0 and ranked #4 in the nation is what our Cincinnati Bearcats are and if you are not enjoying this ride, I suggest you jump off because we are not stopping to let anyone get out.

This is exciting, four games left and three of them are at home in the Nip where UC has the longest Big East home win streak, then the big one at Pittsburgh to close the regular season, I like our chances. The Big East must have known something when they scheduled that game at the end of the year or maybe they were just hoping it could happen. Or maybe, just maybe there is a CONSPIRACY that is going on like many Syracuse fans suggested last week, that was funny!

Bottom line is, to quote Coach Kelly "At the end of the day you have to win football games!" I think by now people shouldn't get caught up in style points because it doesn't matter. If style points were worth something, Alabama, Iowa and Florida would all be broke right now. So why is it that many people want to get on UC when they don't beat someone by more than 21 points?

There are two factors that I want you to consider.

One, when you are ranked as high as UC is and you play teams that have nothing to lose, there is a bull's-eye on your back and you are going to get everyone's best shot.

Two, BK is smart enough to know that you don't have to expend a lot of energy winning a game that you are already in control of. Why get somebody hurt? If you noticed BK has done this several times this year and I applaud him for doing so. Against Syracuse there was no need to beat the Orange by 50 because what would you gain? It still only counts as one win and you don't need to rub it in the face of an up and coming conference program because you will have to play them again in the coming years.

What a minute, this just in... We've e got a question from my Ohio State fan/friend Jack.

Hello Bob, yeah I have been watching UC play this year and even though they are good I still think that OSU is the better team and would beat UC, what do you think?

Well Jack like I have been saying all year it comes down to one thing that I want all Buckeye fans to know....are you ready, take some notes cause here it is.


So let's do the math together shall we? One quality opponent (USC) OSU scored 15 points. UC averages 39 points per game and the last time I checked 39 beats 15 so you draw your own conclusion, that's all I'm going to say.

Back to our regularly scheduled program already in progress!

Now before I go into the Big East, here are some of my thoughts around the nation in college football.

What is the NCAA doing to Dez Bryant?

I mean come on man am I missing something else that hasn't been said? He had lunch with Deion Sanders, he lied about ever having lunch with him, he was scared and admitted that, so instead of the NCAA suspending him maybe one or two games, they suspend him the rest of the season. Where is the consistency? It wasn't like he was given a Porsche by Deion. He wasn't given any money or anything else so why so harsh? I think the problem is that the NCAA has too much power to play judge and jury. They talk so much about how they want kids to get an education and keep their amateur status but guess what; you just forced this kid to enter the NFL draft, so much for the education speech.

Lane Kiffin may look like a prick and he may even act like one but make no bones about it, he is the right guy for the Tennessee job. A lot of people were questioning why him when he was hired but the chip that he has on his shoulders and his brash comments have actually energized his team. They love his attitude and even though he continues to get reprimanded by the SEC, Tennessee officials are smiling behind closed doors. The scary part is that if they played Florida and Alabama this close with none of his recruits; watch out next year because they will be good.

Lastly, I would like to give my condolences to the family of Jasper Howard and the UConn family. It's very hard to lose a friend and a teammate and I know exactly how the UConn players feel. After the last game of my sophomore year, I lost a former teammate named Andre Sherrod. Andre committed suicide and the hardest part was seeing him lying face down in the dorm hallway. Football is a lifetime brotherhood and even though you may have players from different backgrounds and cities, they are all considered brothers to me. RIP #6!

Now here is the state of the Big East.

Contenders: Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, West Virginia

It has been a three team race for a while now but WVU has no margin of error now after they were beaten by USF. WVU can still win the Big East by winning out since they still have UC and Pitt remaining on their schedule. Since all three teams have to play each other, the Big East wont probably be decided until the last week. On the fence: South Florida

Even though the Bulls may all but be eliminated, they still have an outside shot but wouldn't fare well in the event of any tiebreaker scenarios. The Bulls are really playing for the best bowl bid they can get at this point.

Out of the race: Rutgers, UL, Syracuse, UConn

Rutgers and UConn still have bowl aspirations to play for. Rutgers seems to be in the better spot because they already have six wins so anything now is going to be gravy. UConn has an uphill battle with games against Cincy and ND still left. Louisville and Syracuse are playing not only for next year but they can also play spoiler for one of the remaining contenders as well.

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