Johnson Might Have Seen His Future

Strange things can happen when a prospect takes an official visit. For Tejay Johnson he might have seen his future and then some this past weekend. Johnson talks about his official visit to Cincinnati.

Offensive skill football recruits always know they can get a feel for what their future might be when they watch a team play on television or in person. For Tejay Johnson of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Saturday night gave him the feeling of watching two games.

"I was blown away by the Bearcats," Johnson told Bearcat Insider after returning home from his official visit. "It was a great game to visit as they posted over 700 yards of total offense. I watched them play South Florida on T.V. and knew what to expect but I was really blown away."

For Johnson his official visit to Cincinnati allowed for him to see first hand why players such as Mardy Gilyard, Armon Binns and D.J. Woods are becoming names on the college football radar and how Brian Kelly and his staff are ready for anything as the numbers were posted by their back-up quarterback.

"I would have to give my visit an A. I can put it right up there with the Nebraska visit without doubt as the coaches were great and are very genuine people. The players were very real with me about what to expect and didn't just tell me what they thought I wanted to hear. They said it's all about hard work and preparation if you want to play there."

Johnson, a 3-star prospect at cornerback knows he wants his future to be on the offensive side of the ball and Cincinnati showed what he could expect.

"I want to play offense in college and they showed me how they would use me in their offense. I've learned that everyone is going to have great players, coaches, fans and facilities. But this is about the people and the people at Cincinnati are the type of people I could see myself being around."

I really took notice of how they coach their players. There was a play during the game where Binns went up to catch the ball. He didn't use the proper technique and would have caught the ball if he did. The coaches got on him but also kept coaching him so he wouldn't make the same mistake again. That really impressed me a lot and showed me the type of coaching I would receive. "

With his goal of being an offensive skill player in college Tejay learned the Bearcats have a lot planned for him if he places his football future with them.

"The coaches at Cincinnati see more out of me than just a receiver. I'm use to running jets and bubbles right now. They are not just looking at me as a receiver as I could also line up at running back. I want to be on the offensive side of the ball and have the ball in my hands making an impact in a game. Brian Kelly is an offensive genius as he takes guys and makes them better and has proven he can also make them top NFL prospects."

With his official visit out of the way at Nebraska and Cincinnati, Johnson has one scheduled for Rutgers in December, he knows the Bearcats are running short on scholarships but is not sure he's ready to pull the trigger.

"I'm not sure yet but Cincinnati put a great impact in my thoughts. I want to be respectful to Coach (Greg) Schiano as he was the first to place faith in my abilities as a player and I'm very grateful to him for doing so."

If Bearcat fans feel Mardy Gilyard is an impact player then Tejay Johnson is built in the same mold at 6-foot-1, 180-pounds with 4.35-4.4 forty speed and the desire to put points on the board like he saw on Saturday night during his official visit.

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