Zach Collaros Gets Start For WVU

Brian Kelly released the news during his press conference that Friday night Zach Collaros will remain the starting quarterback for the Bearcats.

Risk verses reward is how Brian Kelly worded the news that Zach Collaros would take the field Friday night as the Bearcats starting quarterback. While their would be a good reward with Tony Pike on the field, it's not worth the risk as Pike continues to recover from his injured left arm from the South Florida game.

"If Tony Pike can do all the things he did prior to the injury he would start." Kelly told the media on Tuesday during his weekly media luncheon.

While Kelly will look for Pike to take the field, the level of play Collaros has shown makes the Bearcats head coach not have to rush Pike back before he's ready. As of now Pike is scheduled to be the starter following the Bearcats bye-week against Illinois.

Kelly stressed this decision was made possible because of his team knowing they can have success with Pike or Collaros.

"The nice part about it is our football team has absolutely no concerns over who is leading them. If it's Zach or if it's Tony that's a great thing to have. Where controversy comes in is when your room is spilt, there is no spilt. They know they can win and win at a high level with either guy."

Depending upon how the game is going Tony Pike should see some snaps during the game unless there is no need to put him in harms way.

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