All They'll Remember Are The Wins

With all the talk of style points and close calls over the past two weeks people seem to forget that when all is said and done "All anyone will remember are the wins" when they look back at the Bearcats 2009 season down the road.

Do you remember the score of the Bearcats loss to Ohio State in 2002?

No, most don't but they do remember the Bearcats loss the game.

Do you remember the score of the Bearcats win over Rutgers in 2006 that started people talking about University of Cincinnati football and it's future?

No, most don't but they do remember the Bearcats won the game.

Well to refresh your memory the Bearcats lost 23-19 to the Buckeyes in 2002 and the Bearcats won 30-11 over the highly ranked Scarlet Knights.

Why do we bring this up? Because when it's all said and done people don't remember the style in which a game is won or loss but they do remember if the game was won or loss.

Much has been said by those outside of the Bearcats fans base the past two weeks as UConn and West Virginia victories came with a closer score than the national media would have liked.

And while some critics are harping on the Bearcats they are praising Buckeyes head coach Jim Tressel for not being flashy but for winning. While people are entitled to have their opinion, it doesn't always mean they know what they are talking about.

As many Bearcat fans are reminded by Ohio State faithful the Ohio State University did win a National Championship at the end of the 2002 season.

But in winning the championship over Miami fans of the Hurricane called the victory tainted because of some close calls on the field while Ohio State fans enjoyed the victory and still do today. The pass interference call in the end zone is remembered but what is remembered most is the win.

But while the Bearcats are enjoying their best season in school history some outsiders want to bash the quality of the Bearcats schedule and the way the past two games have been won.

But while Buckeye fans are still enjoying their 2002 championship they've forgotten that along the way there were some close calls along the path to the promise land. In winning the biggest prize in college football the Buckeyes had close wins over the Bearcats (4-points), Wisconsin (5-points), Penn State (6-points), Purdue (4-points), Illinois (7-points in overtime) and Michigan (5-points) before playing Miami in a 2-overtime win.

But while we go back and look at the scores, do we really pay attention to the margin of victory? No, we know Ohio State won 14 games that season and the right to call themselves National Champions.

So during this championship run the Buckeyes had a total of six games of 7-points or less.

So far this season the Bearcats have posted 10 victories with only two games being victories of 7-points or less. The Bearcats had last weeks win over Connecticut (47-45) and Friday nights win over West Virginia (24-21).

Were not here to say the Bearcats will get a chance to play for a national championship or if they will even win the Big East. But if they do have the perfect season no one will remember the final score of tight games, but they will remember they just won football games. Just sayin'.

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