DePriest Surprised By Bearcats Visit

Not knowing what to expect on his visit to Cincinnati, Class of 2011 4-star linebacker Trey DePriest was surprised by what he saw. Bearcat Insider has the latest from the Springfield, Ohio product.

Trey DePriest has no shortage of admirers when it comes to college football coaches across the country. With 14 scholarship offers already in hand from the likes of Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan and Cincinnati, DePriest knows not to get too excited about the process as time is on his side.

"I'm not sure yet on when I'll make a college decision," DePriest said by phone. "I've not set any timeline on when I'll make the call. When it happens it will happen."

For DePriest the fall saw a busy schedule with games for Springfield High with only a game visit to Ohio State. But Friday night DePriest took in the Cincinnati battle against West Virginia and was surprised by what he saw.

"I was really surprised by how high powered their offense was, it was nice."

As for watching the Bearcats defense the linebacker had no problem seeing himself out there and gave his visit high marks.

"I could see myself out there playing in their defense. Going there was cool and better than I thought it would be. It was more than I expected it to be and I would give the visit an A-."

For Trey DePriest his next on campus visit will take place at Michigan when they battle Ohio State.

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