Duck From Duckens

4-time Bearcats letter winner Bob Duckens gives you his thoughts on the Bearcats, Big East and more in his latest "Duck From Duckens".

Hello again Bearcat fans and I hope you have enjoyed the appetizer for the 2009 Football Season and now onto the entree.

10-0! Man I thought this number was reserved for the powerhouses of college football but don't look now, UC is banging on the door. In my wildest dreams I never would have thought that this Cincinnati team, even though good would be undefeated at this point of the year. I predicted the Bearcats would be good and would win the BE but being in the hunt for a national title as well, as Keith Jackson would say Whooooa Nelly! But it wouldn't be right, no it wouldn't be as complete if I didn't talk about the state of college football first. I think you better "Duck" because here I come!

Ohio State winning the Big 10- I think everyone saw this one coming a mile away. I thought the biggest obstacle besides USC this year was @ Penn State, a game the Bucks won handily. Turns out, the biggest hurdle was lowly Purdue. I'm sorry Buckeye fans; you can't hide behind the Big 10 title or the trip to the Rose Bowl this year because that loss to Purdue was awful. As much as many of their fans talk about UC, can you name the type of offense that Purdue currently runs?

That's right the spread! The same offense UC runs and by the way the same offense your possible Rose Bowl opponent Oregon runs, UH-OH! Oregon's offense is Purdue on crack with five times the athletes and speed and with this team putting up over 50 points on USC, could be Florida all over again. Not to worry though Buckeye fans, Senator Tressel will play the power game and will try to control the clock by running it 50 times, good luck!

West Virginia fans still whining! - I know that you guys are hurting right about now because UC has beaten you for the second year in a row, but what's with all the whining about the reversed call? It was clear that Pead broke the plane with the ball before he fumbled it so why all the sour grapes? The funniest thing I heard was that the BE officials were trying to protect UC and get them to the NC. Well, I have to say that you guys are the best detectives in the world because you caught us! Game is over, move onto Pitt next week!

How about those criminals at Tennessee? - This has got to be one of the dumbest stories that I have read. Three players for UT were arrested for trying to rob people outside of a convenient store with a pellet gun. When you are a player at a high profile school like UT, why do you feel you have to commit a crime? Is it that bad in Knoxville? Breaking team rules by missing curfew or being late for meetings is one thing but committing a crime such as this is another. You have all the advantages that regular students who pay for school would kill for and you just blew it for what maybe 30 dollars? It's going to be interesting to see how UT and Coach Kif handle this.

LeGarrett Blount- Now, I don't know this kid personally but I'm going to give my opinion about Oregon re-instating him to play this year. I normally am of the opinion that you should give people a second chance when they make a mistake. I also think that if the person is truly sorry then you should try to help them. So I could clear my mind, I went back and looked at the replay of the incident on TV.

After Blount punched the Boise St. player, he was trying to be restrained by his teammates and one of them; he pushed right in the face. Next he was being escorted off the field by Oregon coaches and staff when he tried to run up in the stands and fight a Boise fan that was heckling him. After being restrained again, he was led into the locker room kicking and screaming trying to fight Oregon officials. After seeing that replay, it's clear to me that this guy is not sorry, he has an attitude problem. His temper is not the kind that you want or need on the football field. Real football players have controlled aggression, meaning they know when to use it and when not to. I think Blount should have stayed suspended for the entire year, letting him play now hasn't taught him anything, shame on you Oregon!

This is normally the segment that I talk about the Big East but really, its down to a two team race between UC and Pitt. This game should be one classic battle. Both teams can run the ball and both teams can throw it. Both teams have good defenses and both offenses can score points but both teams have weaknesses as well. Pitt has trouble defending the pass and UC has trouble defending the run so something has got to give. Last year, UC jumped out to a 28-7 lead but Pitt battled back and eventually lost 28-21. I expect another tight game and this time it's for all the marbles.

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