Final Time In Nippert Kazeem Alli

Friday's game against Illinois was the final time the senior members of the 2009 University of Cincinnati football team took to the Nippert Stadium turf. We take a short look back at each of them and now look at Kazeem Alli.

Kazeem Alli – St. Louis (MO) Hazelwood Central

Class of 2005

Kazeem Alli will always be remembered by me for being one of the first high school players to say the Bearcats were in the running because they were going into the Big East.

How strange of a weekend it must have been for Kazeem since I feel Illinois is the team Cincinnati beat out to get him.

No matter how many catches Kazeem ends his Bearcats career with; he'll always be remembered for the 2-yard game winning touchdown against West Virginia in overtime last season.

Not bad for a kid whose parents really didn't want him to play football when he was younger.

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