Five Keys To Beat Pitt

The season has come down to one final game and the winner takes home the Big East BCS berth. For Pitt it's about getting a share of the Big East title and a possible BCS game. For the Bearcats it's a perfect season, a second outright Big East crown and hopes of a national title game if things happen in other games.

Brian Kelly is sure to have his team ready when the whistle blows on Saturday at "High Noon" in Pittsburgh. The goal of winning another Big East title is halfway done but Kelly and his charges want an outright crown for the second consecutive year.

What are the "Five Keys" to a Bearcats victory?

Keep Tony Pike Standing

The Panthers have one of the best defensive fronts in college football and the Bearcats offensive line will have to be ready for one of their best games of the year. Keeping Pike upright with time to throw the ball puts pressure on the Panthers defensive backfield and will have the Bearcats looking to score.

Be Strong In The Middle

No matter what unit is on the field for the Bearcats the middle of the defense and the offense must be strong. On offense this means that Jason Kelce, Chris Jurek and Alex Hoffman must control the defensive tackles. On defense this mean Derek Wolfe and Brandon Mills must be ready to create a pile and allow Andre Revels and J.K. Schaffer the chance to close down the run inside forcing Pitt to go sideline to sideline where the teams speed has a great chance of shutting down the running game.

Perform The Small Things

From the time the Bearcats reported for camp in August, Brian Kelly and his staff worked on the small things you may never see in a game. There are still things fans have not seen that have been worked on during practice from day one. Some of these things are very small but very important for the Bearcats to have success. If the Bearcats can do the small things they've worked on since the start of camp they'll have great success. Hold onto the ball. Wrap on your tackle. Run the right route. These all may seem small but in a game like this they can be huge in determining who wins the game.

Defense To Get Back On Track

Each week the media attends Brian Kelly's media news conference in the teams meeting room. On the wall is the teams goals for each game and helmets for who won that part of the game. Early in the season there are a lot of Bearcats C-Paws and very few of the opposing teams. The past couple of weeks there are only two C-Paw helmets on the game chart. This must change and the Bearcats defense must get back to playing the way they did against Rutgers and others early in the season.

Hold Onto The Football

Turnovers will be the biggest key to a victory for both teams and the Bearcats need to keep a hold of the ball like they did early in the year. Points off turnover will be key in the final score.

Bonus Keys

Stay Within Yourself

The Bearcats must not get too hyped for Saturday's game against the Panthers. All the players must stay within themselves and not think too much about what they are doing. Just play hard and good things will happen.

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