NCAA Needs To Make A Change

As the football left the foot of Texas kicker Hunter Lawrence college football would never be the same. Its not that I feel putting a second back on the clock was right or wrong. Or the fact maybe the wrong team will be taking the field against Alabama in the National Championship. My problem is much deeper.

The BCS field has been set and the National Championship game is the game many wanted to see. College football wanted the Florida vs. Alabama winner playing Texas and only Texas. A Texas loss would have placed Cincinnati just ahead of TCU in the final BCS polls and set college football back in the mind of many.

But while I'm not here to fight about rankings and who deserved to play the fact Texas had to have a second added to the game clock to knock off Nebraska leaves the door open for more problems in college football in the years to come.

College football game officials are employed by the conference they are in. Big East officials take care of Big East games just like Big 12 officials run the clocks and call the penalties in games like the Big 12 championship game.

Saturday night, Big 12 game officials were placed in a spot where they shouldn't have been. While I have no problem with the second being added to the clock, I wonder if the roles were reversed would another second been added to give Nebraska a chance for a game ending victory?

While "Big Money" is paid to those in BCS games, a spot in the national championship game is worth so much more to a university and a conference. Big 12 officials Saturday night were placed in the position to determine if the conference they work for would reap the benefits of being in the biggest game of the season.

Why do game officials work for a conference instead of the NCAA?

If game officials worked for the NCAA you remove the chance of conference officials stretching a rule for the benefit of their employer.

As I stated at the start of this article, I'm not here to say Cincinnati or TCU should be playing in the national championship game over Texas. I'm just saying conference officials should not be in position to control any college game.

The NCAA needs to hire all officials and be responsible for all officials. This would remove a lot of things that have happened in the past were teams and fans have felt their team was given a break in a game that mattered more to a conference than any one team.

NCAA officials may have also added a second to the game clock Saturday night in the Texas / Nebraska game, and that would have been fine. But to know officials from the Big 12 conference made a call that helped their conference earn a national championship berth leaves open the door for fans to always question calls made during a game.

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