48 Hours

At some point today (Tuesday) Brian Kelly will sit down with Notre Dame and hear if the Irish have interest in hiring him as their next head coach. The next 48 hours will prove to be very important for the Bearcats future.

The rumors are now facts and Brian Kelly is talking with Notre Dame a job many feel is his dream job. The interaction between Kelly and Notre Dame will take place in New York City as Kelly was already planning on being in town for the National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame dinner.

The event is a star-studded event where you have the College Hall of Fame inductees and the awarding of the William V. Campbell Trophy (formerly known as the Draddy Trophy).

This year's event may be one of the biggest and best as former college greats Tim Brown (Notre Dame), Chris Spielman (Ohio State), and Major Harris (West Virginia) go into the class.

The group for this year Campbell Trophy includes Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy.

The event ends with a dinner ($500.00 a plate when attended 5 years ago) and those who attend walk away impressed with the people they've had a chance to meet.

This makes it easy to bring a coach together and talk about a job without it being very public as the Waldorf-Astoria is so big you can get lost.

So what will or could happen?

The first thing is that Brian Kelly needs to be offered the Notre Dame job.

This may or may not have already happened as in most cases agents may have already been given a contract to view if a school has real interest in that coach.

Brian Kelly will have a few questions and maybe a few demands if he wants the job and will return to Cincinnati to make his decision.

While Kelly said we'd know by Saturday, the realistic time frame is that by Thursday an announcement will be made.

Bearcat Insider will not get into looking at a possible replacement until Brian Kelly announces he's leaving.

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