The Kid's Take: Butch Jones and UC

When the news first broke Tuesday night that UC would hire CMU head man Butch Jones, I must admit, I was less that ecstatic.

I had met with Coach Quinn earlier that day and came away beyond impressed. He exuded leadership, he knew the players, he was confident, he would keep the recruiting class, and he was the safest choice to help Cincinnati maintain its perch atop the Big East.

However, as the day progressed and I read more about Jones and began to learn more about the coach and the man, many of my fears were slowly assuaged. This a family man with three children. He is committed to every aspect of being a head football coach and uses words like ‘family,' ‘teacher,' ‘father figure,' and ‘accountability.'

While Brian Kelly is owed all the praise in the world for what he did for the UC program, he cared about winning. Period. He cared about the welfare of his players, of course, but at the end of the day his primary, and sometimes only, goal was to win. Maybe if he were as invested in the best interests of his players he would not have received such vicious condemnation from them upon his departure.

Butch Jones will make his players champions "on and off the field." While the cynical among us will take that as lip service, I believe that with this approach, Jones will not only build upon the greatness that his predecessor helped to create, but he will also establish a culture of success around the Lindner Center that will only foster more winning.

But let's be real, what we care about is the play on the field. Jones will bring a wide open offense, the kind that made Dan LeFevour a house-hold name at CMU. Defensively, it will depend on who is hired. Defensive Coordinator Tim Banks, who all signs point to will be brought on form CMU, is considered a rising star in the profession and a prolific recruiter.

That's all for now. I'm going on vacation for a couple days where some sunshine and tropical atmosphere might help me percolate and come up with some new thoughts.

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