Barb Jones: First Lady Of Bearcat Football

Barb Jones, wife of the University of Cincinnati's new head football coach, Butch Jones, was already showing a little Bearcat spirit at the press conference announcing her husband's acceptance of the job:

Mrs. Jones attended the event sporting the Bearcat colors of red and black, posed for a picture with a UC football helmet and smiled at the group of anxious reporters competing to talk to her husband.

Although her husband was the one accepting the new coaching job at UC and making plans for a new football team, Jones has been preparing herself and the couple's three sons for the impending changes that come along with the new job.

"I'm extremely excited," Jones said of the move to Cincinnati from Central Michigan. "I can't wait to get our family down here and together."

The Joneses sons, aged thirteen, eight and two, are also excited for the upcoming move and the new college team to root for.

"They are wanting jerseys and to know when we're moving," Jones said of the boys, laughing at the memory of the boys she left at home in Michigan to travel to Cincinnati for the press conference.

The family plans to permanently relocate during the boys' spring break, giving mom and dad time to find a new home in Cincinnati, but leaving a few months of school left for the kids to make some friends for the summertime.

Jones intends to travel down on the weekends in between now and spring break to search for a house and to get to know the campus and city they will soon call home.

Still smiling, Jones explained her support of her husband's jump from being the head football coach at Central Michigan University to leading the Bearcats football team, saying that it was major change, but one that the family was ready and waiting for.

"This was an opportunity we were longing for," she said of the position.

She is looking forward to getting to see campus and hopes to bring the whole family down on a long weekend to explore campus together, especially Nippert Stadium, the home of the Bearcats' football team.

"It is just such a great atmosphere," she said of the stadium. "I wish the season was still going on so we could have some home games!"

Jones also said that she is looking forward to getting to know the football players and has her own way of getting to know them. Like any good coach's wife, Jones knows that the easiest way to loosen the players and coaches up is to feed them and she also supports the family atmosphere her husband strives for with a team.

"We have different groups of the players over for dinner, barbeques," she said. "I think it's important for them to see Butch, and the other coaches, as fathers and husbands and something other than just football coaches."

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